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  • Belkin Soundform Connect brings AirPlay 2 to any speaker

    Just received the Soundform Connect.  I had been using an older Airport Express and it worked well other than AppleTV randomly loosing the connection to the AE, requiring a reboot to rediscover.  The new Connect out of the box would NOT automagically trigger my iPhone 12+ Max iPhone.  I did a reset on the Connect and it immediately appeared on my iPhone ready for setup.  Simply enough to setup with the iPhone handling all the setup once the device was discovered.  I am using the toslink connection for the audio output and it works flawlessly.  I chose the Connect in the Video&Audio section of the AppleTV (newest 4K version) and it found it instantly.  As for sound quality, it is at least on par with the AE.  My expectations are that using Airplay2 rather then the original Airplay protocol will be more robust.
  • Apple declares 13-inch MacBook Pro from 2012 'obsolete'

    I am among those still using a mid 2012 non-retina 15" MBP.  My daughter gave me this machine as a christmas present in late 2012.  Without question, a fine example of solid engineering.  This machine was the last of the totally user repairable notebooks Apple made.  This machine has a full compliment of ports with NO dongles needed!  I upgraded the ram over time to its max 16GB.  I upgraded the HDD several times (started life as a 256MB HDD).  I swapped out the super drive (CD/DVD burner) for an SSD (initially a relatively small one to just hold the OS).  I upgraded the SSD to a larger one and rolled the SSD and HDD into a FUSION drive using the tools apple made available to anyone comfortable with the command line, which I ran with zero issues for several years.  I upgraded to 1TB SSD and a 1TB HDD and moved to APFS once Catalina came along using the HDD as an in-machine daily clone backup drive (used SuperDuper until Big Sur negated the ability to easily create a bootable clone).  The 1TB HDD is still used as an in-machine Time Machine drive for Big Sur.   I have replaced the keyboard only ONCE in that entire time. I have replaced the battery twice.  Both fans have been replaced and most recently I replaced the right side speakers as the woofer section had started to rattle. I upgraded the machine to Big Sur using a popular patching program along with an upgrade to the latest Broadcom WiFi/BT card (thanks to an enterprising young man) and am running 11.2 currently with no issues outside the ones that are plaguing even the newest MBPs.  The logic board nor the display on this machine have ever faltered. This machine is fast, reliable and delight to use.  While the new MBPs are lighter and have longer battery life, they hold little performance edge over this machine in my day to day use of the machine as INTEL has done little to really advance processors in a meaningful way over the years since this machine was designed.

    I am aware that eventually, I will have to break down and buy a new MBP.  The new M series processors are a harbinger that the time for such a change is approaching sooner than later.  However,  I will never again own a computing device that will work as hard, as reliably, for such a long time as my trusty mid 2012 15" MBP.    
  • Apple Watch Series 6 kills ceramic Apple Watch Edition material... again

    And they made the space black SS (DLC) case exclusive to the Hermes edition. 
  • New Apple Watch Series 6 has blood oxygen sensor & bright new colors

    The black SS DLC is STILL available, but they have made it exclusive the Hermes edition.  The cheapest version is now just pennies under $1300.  I have purchased the black SS every year since series 0 and was really bummed by the move.  I debated not messing with the Series 6 but decided to try the space black titanium case as it should still match my original series 0 black stainless link band and all the other bands that I have collected over these years.
  • Apple releases tvOS 12.2.1, with bug fixes & speed improvements

    Unlike the other two earlier posters, my 3rd gen ATV has been a solid performer.  I do on rare occasion get a single channel that will stop responding but in almost all cases, I can trace the spinner back to internet issues.  I do have mine connected via Gig-E cable.

    The one nagging problem I have is that while Airplay used to be persistent once set (ie between uses going into standby), several releases ago the behavior changed such that it for whatever reason, the ATV says it is unable to connect to the previously set Airplay device, yet, it will immediately connect to it when I make the change either thru the settings or the shortcut (ie hold play/pause while in main menu).  The Airplay device is an original design Airport Express used solely to feed audio into an original Apple HiFI speaker (used on a second TV).  The sound out of the old HiFi speaker is still amazing! 

    This update really did not want to behave well.  The first attempt at download failed, the 2nd attempt it failed while "preparing" on the 3rd time, it finally installed properly.  NO clue what was going on.