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  • Here are over 150 new features and changes in iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad

    Someone should count the number of times in the video he says "a little bit" "slightly" "small change". Sounds like a revolutionary upgrade here!
  • Apple rival Samsung forecasts high profits despite Note 7 fires & political scandals

    This is what happens when you innovate, put out devices with the latest cutting edge technology in them, like wireless charging, fast charging, waterproofing, give customers a headphone jack, a fully customizable OS, smartwatches that will pair with any other mobile device, a VR ecosystem at a great price. All make for a winning formula. Plus make all the most important parts (screens, chipsets, memory) for the other biggest mobile phones out there too, you are gonna make some big money!
    No, I think you meant this is what happens:

    When Apple does it we get this:

    ...a top of the line, waterproof (resistant is what you meant but whatever) leading device that doesnt blow up and destroy property and which has never been banned from all aircraft for fear of killing everyone aboard. Plus a smart watch that doesnt look like a hockey puck strapped to your arm. And no gimmicks like eyeball-scrolling or VR or faulty facial recognition that has already been defeated with a simple photograph. 

    apple pay works at 11% of credit card terminals in the USA right now, Samsung pay works at 98% of credit card terminals in the USA.  Not having to carry my credit cards or wallets around ever is worth every penny.  Thank goodness i have never had any problems with overheating or fires on any samsungs I have ever owned.  I can also reach over without looking in the dark, and get my phone charging in the middle of the night by simply placing it on the charging pad on my nightstand, no fiddling for cables and finding the charging port on the bottom of my phone. and I have had that feature for 3 years NOW, i dont know how i could live without it.  I had an iphone 1 all the way thru the iphone 5 but when i took a fair and balanced look at what apple was offering and what samsung phones were offering, i had to switch to samsung and i gotta say, I have never thought of switching back once.

    If apple adds wireless charging finally to their phones, you all will see a small piece of the great features i have been enjoying for years and you will still have so many other great features you dont even realize you are missing which you will wait years for because you are "patiently waiting for Apple to do it the right way".  Good luck with that belief, i'm over here enjoying the future!
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