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  • Notes of interest from Apple's Q4 2020 and annual earnings report

    Most companies are hurt by health & economic crises (eg, tourism, restaurants, airlines, etc.)  but some companies can be helped because their products assist in defeating the crisis. It seems to me that companies like Apple which provide tools that can help during a crisis (eg, webcams, online entertainment/movies/books) should be benefitting. So I was expecting more. Maybe that's why their stock fell.
    The stock fell because of speculative dolts on Wall Street panicking that China revenue fell...during Covid.  This is the buy opportunity of a lifetime.  Wait until January's report.  
  • AirPods and AirPods Pro success better than Apple 'could ever imagine'

    Fatman said:
    And all that 'ear shape' research will be stolen by Chinese knock off companies that will sell a version for $29.
    Actually, if past history is any indicator, it will probably be handed to them by the Dean of Harvard.
  • Apple's over-ear headphones may be called 'AirPods Studio' & retail for $349

    I have a Beats branded audio system in my car and I’m not convinced Apple understands how any of this works. It’s literally the worst in-car audio system I’ve ever had. My previous car had Fender audio and it was fantastic. As things are now, I’d never consider another Apple audio system or even these AirPods headphones based on my negative experience with Beats.

    And I hasten to add I have absolutely no reason to trash Apple without cause. Most of my personal wealth is tied to their stock.
    I am a music producer and mixing engineer. A few years ago I went out and bought the top of the line Beats headphones for just north of $500. Tried them out for 60 seconds, and then returned them. They were such absolute crap I was offended to have had my time wasted like that. I went right back to my trusty ATHM50s and have still not found a better set of phones. MY wealth is also with AAPL. But now I am starting to doubt for Apple's future because the Beats acquisition was clearly done for marketing and money. There is no fathomable reason why a company as adept at innovating and not cutting corners as Apple should ever have gone anywhere near Beats (a company whose name was chosen by a toolbag record executive long before the actual product was ever decided upon).
  • Apple closes all retail stores outside of China until March 27

    This is the most overblown BS I have seen in my lifetime.  Pure hype.  The entirety of the American media should be dissolved for creating this panic.

    Corona killed what, less than 100 Americans?  Swine Flu killed 23,000 Americans, nothing.  Measles?  Nothing.  H1N1?  Nothing.  EBOLA?  Not a damned thing.  

    One basketball player gets a cold and the whole country loses its f#$(%(&  mind.  

    Glad I have cash on hand because the market is having the sale of the century, and all its going to cost is the economy, and thousands of jobs.

    Shame on all of you lemmings who are playing along.
  • No, Apple's new Mac Pro isn't overpriced

    it would have been nice to have an option to downgrade the video card bullshit or leave it out altogether. Audio professionals don't need it. Meanwhile, the price of a 12-core Xeon trashcan mac pro plunged to under 2k so I just bought one of those instead.