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  • Class action suit accuses Apple of selling Macs without needed dust filters

    As someone who is in the Apple repair business, including several years of warranty repair work, I think this lawsuit is nonsense. I’ve dealt with many cases where in the course of doing things like RAM or HD upgrades or replacements I would find the insides of the computer caked in dust. Computer still ran fine. An extreme example is the time I found the inside of an iMac caked with white powder. I installed an SSD into the computer after clearing out the powder. I asked the customer afterwards what was going on with her computer and she told me she often got ready for her day by powdering herself in front of the computer. Another case was the woman who called me to set up her computer. She was a hoarder who lived in a filthy house and she smoked. The computer had been purchased the previous year and was sitting out of the box on a table but still wrapped in the original clear plastic. There was a distinct yellow stain on the exposed metal parts of the computer but thankfully not on the screen that had been protected by the plastic. I set the computer up for her and the computer ran for a day and a half before it died. Wouldn’t start to save her life and the warranty had expired since it had been a year since she bought it. I took it to the Apple Store, explained the unusual situation of a year old computer which had hardly been used but had died. My story was buttressed by the yellow stain which was clearly visible only on the exposed parts of the computer. They verified my story by checking the amount of time the hardware had been used, which the computer keeps in somewhere in PRAM. Ended up charging her $50 labor for the logic board replacement because the also found the interior caked with cigarette residue. I usually find Apple to be reasonably easy and fair to work with in these situations. They’re often willing to help and bend the rules to be helpful as long as you aren’t a jerk and can clearly explain the situation to them.
  • Apple's HomePod seizes 'small but meaningful' portion of US smart speaker market

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     Apple doesn't care about market share.

    They make a tidy profit on every HomePod they sell. They also use HomePod as a camel's nose Under the Tent in order to solidify their hold on the customer's purchase of future products. All that Apple cares about is maximizing profit. If they could increase profits while servicing only the 1%, they would be eager to do so
    Why aren't you banned yet? 
    No kidding. Same fucking post, in every single thread. As if nobody here is aware that Apple likes profit.
    Personally I like Apple's profits. Bought a modest amount of the stock last year and I now have enough gain to buy an iMac Pro.
  • Apple taking Maps 'to the next level' in iOS 12

    I'm sitting at Logan International Airport after having spent several days in Istanbul Turkey. I found Apple Maps to work very well there not only for directions but traffic congestion. I was at a party last night at a hotel and the taxi driver who gave me a ride back to my hotel-a block from the Blue Mosque if you're familiar with such landmarks-used my phone to get the turn-by-turn directions to the hotel. Unlike the driver who originally took me to the hotel several days earlier that spent a considerable amount of time prowling around the neighborhood trying to find the hotel. Anecdotal and just one case but I was sure happy to have it available to me.
  • Rumor: Apple buying screens for 13" MacBook, could signal end of MacBook Air

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    The MBA is the only remaining Apple laptop with a decent keyboard. 
    Thats all a matter of opinion. I happen to like the newer style keyboards. 
    It's not a matter of style. The new butterfly keyboards are very unreliable and Apple knows it.
    Do you have any numbers to explain your claim that the new keyboards are unreliable and that Apple knows it, or did you just read and article and that's your proof? Like I said, I like the newer style (and yes its a style) keyboards. Never an issue for my keyboard on my 12" MacBook. 
    The original MacBook keyboard was unreliable. Before I retired last year I was associated with the computer repair unit at a large university. We repaired the equipment we sold on campus and we were seeing between 10%-15% of the MacBooks we sold coming back with keyboard problems. Sometimes the problems could be solved with compressed air but more often than not we ended up replacing the top case, which is NOT an easy thing to do with those units. The newer butterfly keyboards in the newer MacBooks and MacBook Pros is much better than the first generation. (I have a 2017 15" MacBook Pro and love it.)
  • Apple Watch Series 3 teardown finds slightly bigger battery, few other changes beyond LTE

    I've been impressed with the battery life on my Series 3 watch since I got it on Friday. Yesterday, for example, I took my watch off charge around 9 AM and by midnight I still had a 64% charge. That includes several short calls as well as a 10 mile "active" bike ride. Not too shabby and much better than my Series 2 watch.