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  • Apple News ads may get much worse with new Taboola deal

    I absolutely despise these ads and use paid ad blockers specifically because of their ads. I really hope Apple doesn't ruin their products by going down this path. Aside from the fact that I am a paid subscriber to Apple News, Taboola ads are gross and never reflect the product / service depicted. They are gross clickbait at best and it's too bad people click on them.  So glad Safari has reader view for crap like this. 

    First post. Welcome to AI! 
  • Ad agency zombifies TUAW with AI copy & recycled bylines in stupid SEO play

    Animals.  I miss TUAW
  • Apple Intelligence & iPhone mirroring aren't coming to EU because of the DMA

    The EU is about to be far behind in the rear view mirror wrt technology. 
    The DMA defines interoperability as «the ability to exchange information and mutually use the information which has been exchanged through interfaces or other solutions, so that all elements of hardware or software work with other hardware and software and with users in all the ways in which they are intended to function»

    Sounds nice in practice but rapid development of new technologies requires an emphasis on speed.  

    As the old proverb states "you want to go fast, go alone.  You want to go far, go with a group" 

    It's important to differentiate nascent technology and the need for fast iteration as opposed to time tested and established technology which should be interoperable across a large group. 

    The DMA aims to extend interoperability to other communication tools, specifically messaging applications: namely, a WhatsApp user cannot send a message to a Telegram one. Nor can an iPhone owner send an online message to an Android user through the iMessage App. The means of communication must necessarily be a common platform, resulting in the aggregation of market power. Now, gatekeepers’ communications services, including messaging applications, will have to provide the necessary interfaces that allow for horizontal interoperability, that is, the interoperability among competing products

    Here is where I agree in part with the ideology of DMA.  Messaging apps are simple in nature. I'm exchanging text primarily which may have additional functionality.  That being said though I don't see Messaging apps as a significant impediment to communication.  Messaging would not be the proper litmus or use case for all digital technology. 

  • Sonos removes a promise to not sell personal data, gets busted by users

    Maybe AI can craft us a decent Consumer Privacy Bill.   Until that happens expecting companies that have reached scale to not monetize your data at some level is folly. 
  • What happened to Safari Web Eraser -- the controversy, and what it looked like

    My default Browser is Arc and it will remain Arc and this feature has been available for months with the Zap feature. 

    This one is not difficult.   There are many of us that have issues whether it be ADHD,  Anxiety or others that can be 

    inflamed by some of the bad advertising.   You cannot claim your desire is to make the better and then put profits 

    over mental health.  You (Apple) have tried in the past (blocking auto play videos) and they found workarounds.  Just 

    Like they'll find workarounds for "Web Eraser" technologies and return to their guerilla style ads of annoyance.    

    This is a conversation that needs to happen.