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  • Apple's record $81.4 billion Q3 obliterates Street expectations

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    And AAPL after hour trading drops over 1%. What kind of WS bullshit is that?
    As always, Wall Street doesn’t care about what you did today, it’s about what it thinks you will do in the future. And the Covid-19 delta variant has thrown a monkey wrench into the financial crystal ball, all because 50% of the population are dumb, ignorant morons. There’s also a study out that reveals 1-in-5 believe the vaccines contain microchips. That means 20% of the population are certified idiots.
    Hey hotshot,  you do know that these “vaccines” are experimental and rushed out to the public with no data on long term side effects.   Do you think 50% of the population are morons because they are concerned about such things?  They dare to question about rushing to use such things instead of not even thinking about it?  That makes them morons??  2 of these so called vaccines are not even real vaccines.  There are a number of doctors who have gone public about their concerns and what they have seen going on.  I guess they are morons too?   Sadly,  there is however data on bad reactions and lingering problems after getting these vaccines.

    Aside from being clearly OT, your post simply spreads ignorant misinformation, half-truths and untruths. This isn’t the place to go into detail, but it’s worth noting that over 90% of covid patients in the hospital, some of whom die, weren't vaccinated.

  • Apple's record $81.4 billion Q3 obliterates Street expectations

    What are you people carping about? Help, help, the sky is falling!!! AAPL’s down 2.3% today!!!

    C’mon, get a grip. Today's “shocking” closing price is 11% higher than one month ago. Apple just reported record earnings. You all believe Apple’s a bad investment, and you’re ready to cash out before Apple goes down in flames? I hope you do, so I can buy some more at an even more favorable price.
  • MacBook Pro will regain SD card reader and HDMI port in 2021, Kuo says

    For me, the most important aspect of these changes is that Apple is willing to admit to their mistakes and correct them. Butterfly keyboard, Touch Bar, and now I/O slots. Of course, they’ll never openly apologize, and instead tout the changes as something new and wonderful, but no matter, the corrections are welcome.

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  • How Apple owes everything to its 1977 Apple II computer

    My first computer was a //c, in 1984. I loved it. It got better and better with stuff like AppleWorks, BeagleWorks, a ZipChip, a modem (remember BAUD rates?), a battery for portability. The OS and programming were so easy to understand that even I could play with the software, write little apps, etc. I mourned when I switched to a Mac.

  • No, Apple's new Mac Pro isn't overpriced

    With all due respect to the authors, I don’t understand the need for articles like this, explaining/defending the price of the Mac Pro. Sure, it’s interesting to see what’s in it and what it can do. But the price issue is pointless. Is a Rolls-Royce or a Lamborghini worth the price? Or, perhaps more to the point, a Formula One car? If you have that kind of need and that kind of money, the answer’s clearly yes, the Mac Pro is probably great for that group of users. But that group is miniscule. For everybody else this is no more than a showcase machine, like Mercedes F1 cars. If Mercedes cars win, the company probably sells more of their normal cars.

    And here’s the hitch. Apple’s made this Mac Pro, but where are products for the rest of us? Most computer users are in the Chevy, Honda, or Mercedes group. I bet there’s not even one appleinsider or MacRumors reader who needs the Mac Pro. We’d love to buy great Macs (computers, not iPads!), from entry-level up to our kind of pros. But Apple has stopped making them. What they make is disappointing and overpriced.

    So this begs the question: why did Apple make a come-on machine (which probably adds nothing meaningful to their bottom line) when they offer nothing to come on to? Will their next Pro machine be a Mac Quantum? And when they do, will there be arguments about the price? Will they think that most of us will be thrilled?