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  • Twelve South updates Backpack shelf for Apple's 24-inch iMac

    I am still waiting for their updated 2021 16" MBP inserts for my BookArc.
  • 'Bark worse than the bite' in EU Apple antitrust probe, analysts believe

    omasou said:
    Pretend we have a future where people can load apps from other sources.

    I'm willing to bet those channels--except for the really big and or trusted ones, if any :)--will have to charge less to attract customers and Apple will still be the preferred App Store just b/c of simplicity and trust.

    If correct, it will be interesting to see if content providers end up putting their tails between their legs and shutting down their discount stores and return to Apple. I think it will be similar to cheap phones vs. premium phones. Sure some will go though the pains to save money b/c they have to or want to and the media will claim them a success but in reality Apple will continue to dominate like they have w/their phone strategy.

    In that future we will have exclusive app deals where many iPhone apps will only be available in third party stores and not on Apple App Store. You want to download Skype or MS Teams for a meeting? Go download it from Microsoft Store. You want to play this new game? Go download Epic Store. How about Instagram? Sorry.. you need Facebook Store. We as iOS users will end in signing up for dozens of app store to download apps. Then comes the major iOS update causing all these apps to break and Apple facing another anti-trust lawsuit because they are harming those poor other big corporations stores by updating iOS API's.
  • 'Fortnite' developer Epic Games files antitrust complaint against Apple in EU

    I like how Sony, MS, and Nintendo are silent on this. The outcome of this will affect their console platforms as well. I suspect that Epic plan is to go after Apple first and if they succeed to go after console platforms.
  • iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini cost $30 more if you aren't a Verizon or AT&T customer

    Don't worry.. Verizon will take this $30 back in a form of Activation fee.
  • Parallels Desktop 16 revamped to run Windows faster on macOS Big Sur

    I cancelled my Parfallels subscription renewal, which will expire next May, due to lack of information regarding Apple Silicon. This and the fact that now you need to pay $99/year to be able to use more than 8GB of RAM is a nail in the coffin. I am sick and tired of software subscription models for software that doesn't need subscription models.

    I use Windows for engineering software (CAD, FEM.. etc) and will most likely going to end up buying cheap PC + Remote Desktop for my Windows needs..