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  • Developers sue Apple over $99 annual fee, mandatory pricing increments of $0.99

    I remember the days when Apple announced these policies and rates more than 10 years ago. Developers couldn’t believe that they only pay 30% fee to sell apps vs 50% to 60% others were charging. 
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  • Delta allegedly switching flight crew hardware from Surface to iPad in early 2018

    My local Toyota dealer used surface for a while then switched to iPads as well.
  • BlackBerry CEO bashes Apple's data privacy policies

    "We have never allowed government access to our servers and never will,"

    That's a big lie. BB gives UAE and Saudi Arabia governments full access to their servers in those countries so they can spy on their citizens. BB CEOs never denied that. 

  • Apple to reportedly remove app that enabled Google Stadia on iPhone [u]

    gatorguy said:
    15,000 downloads doesn't really seem that significant considering all the heavy breathing game streaming on iOS is getting in the tech press. 
    Essentially no one knew that app even existed until yesterday.
    If the app is still available to download, there’s no evidence anything this developer says about Apple’s position is accurate.
    Why you say that? The app is not a security risk so Apple is not remove it right away. Based on the developer Twitter Apple called him and asked him to remove the bluetooth controller feature from his app or remove the app from the App Store. I believe he chose to remove the app so that people who downloaded it can still have bluetooth controller support. He also mentioned in Reddit that he will release the app as open source.
    This really does not matter now anyway since you can use any third party browser with custom user agent feature to play Stadia on iOS with Stadia Controller. The only advantage this app offered was using PS4 and Xbox controllers.
  • Banksy mural in France uses Apple's Steve Jobs to make statement about Syrian refugees

    mwhite said:

    Trump is the best thing America has going for it!!!!!!
    It should noted here that Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from entering the US during the Iranian hostage crisis in the 70s. Trump's suggestion is not without precedent, nor is it unconstitutional since his comment would apply to non-citizens.
    It was clear he meant ALL Muslims (including Americans). So I guess as long as there is precedent it is okay to do it, right? So we can assume you are fine with internment camps for muslims.. We have precedent during WWII with the Internment of Japanese Americans so why not!
  • 'Fortnite' developer Epic Games files antitrust complaint against Apple in EU

    I like how Sony, MS, and Nintendo are silent on this. The outcome of this will affect their console platforms as well. I suspect that Epic plan is to go after Apple first and if they succeed to go after console platforms.
  • Twelve South updates Backpack shelf for Apple's 24-inch iMac

    I am still waiting for their updated 2021 16" MBP inserts for my BookArc.
  • Apple counsel attacks Spotify complaints as 'rumors and half-truths'

    So, in your mind Apple is the greedy one.  Apple isn't merely facilitating payment, they also developed the tools and programming libraries that make creation of apps for iOS possible.  And they developed iOS too.  And the hardware it runs on.  What Sopify is delivering through the App Store is not equivalent to what Amazon is delivering to its customers through its app.  Amazon is merely acting as a seller when it sells a physical product to one of its customers.  That's no different from you or I using the eBay app to purchase some old coins from an eBay seller.  Of course Apple isn't going to demand a cut of that transaction.  This is different and you seem not to be able to recognize or acknowledge that.

    It's Spotify who is being greedy by demanding of their own customers an additional 30% on top of the usual price of their service because they don't want to incur the costs of marketing, distribution and fulfillment provided by Apple to their most significant sales channel.  
    What marketing does Apple do for Spotify?

    There is huge benefit for being in iOS App Store. Entire businesses started from scratch and became multimillion dollar corporations for being there. If it wasn't that important then you wouldn't see Spotify spending that much effort and making that much noise trying to be in the App Store.
  • Spotify says Apple rejected update over App Store policies, 'causing grave harm' to service

    latifbp said:
    It's the obvious things that should make sense to people. The internet has been around a while, but not so long that people are already so numb to the Internet they're naive enough they think just random redirecting all over the Internet is just great stuff. Are these people a bunch of entitled grandmas or something?
    Apple has made redirecting easier on iOS you even get a back button in the upper left hand corner to take you back to where you were. But they could also offer some sort of web wrapper right in app. I don't think this is a safety issue its Apple wanting their 30%.
    You have to pay to play. You can't use someone else's platform to advertise your product and make money without paying the fees. And yes it is also a user experience/fraud prevention issue. It can be both. Furthermore, if Apple allowed that then what to prevent every other paid app in the app store to switch to this method to avoid the paying Apple the fee. It will not take long before you have to visit 100 website to manage your subscriptions.