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  • How to get more from Mojave's updated Dock or learn how to replace it entirely

    Have to say I disagree with the comments calling the recently used area a waste.  This is one of my favorite features of the updated Dock.  Since I use command-space to open apps that I don't used enough to put in the Dock its nice that  they then appear in the Recent area, for a while.  Which is great as if I use them I'm more likely to use them again in the near term.  
  • iPhone XR is topping XS & XS Max in sales, says Apple's Greg Joswiak

    usmccop said:
    asdasd said:
    Doesn't say much.  It can simultaneously be the best-selling iPhone model and not sell according to management's expectation
    However, it does contradict the analysts. 
    Doesn't contradict anything.  Having the XR be the single best-selling iPhone model since it launched and having XR productions cuts due to not selling according to management's initial expectations can simultaneously be true.

    What production cuts? None of us know if there were production cuts. This stock manipulation happens every year. Maybe there were cuts or maybe not. I’d go with the latter. 
    But suppliers do know.  And this year there's enough info coming out regarding supplier production cuts for there to be truth behind it.  Also, if you read the original CNet article, Joswiak was asked about analysts' comments with respect to production cuts and he didn't answer it.  He deflected to the same vague PR line.  Doesn't sound like confidence to me
    Several things here.  1) if there is no material deviation from Apple's 1Q guidance given last month there is no reason for Joswiak to say anything more than he did, from an SEC perspective.  Apple's history under Cook has been to ignore the short term stock market fluxations, and, as has been pointed out the stock dive only benefits Apple's repurchase process. 2) if the XR is the best selling iPhone AND its production is being cut significantly from expectations, as is being reported, then there WOULD be a material deviation from guidance since the guidance IS based on management expectations.  3) if there is a MATERIAL deviation from the guidance Apple provided it would be hugely in Apple's best interest to provide revised guidance at this point and could be argued strongly that they must provide it, under SEC regulations.

    Under Cook, and for the most part under Jobs, Apple has been very up front with public information and not played games (think Musk and Tesla). 
  • Apple power chip supplier Dialog Semiconductor isn't seeing a reduction in orders

    Or, could it be there is no significant reduction is demand?  II-VI just bought Finisar and last year bought Anadigix, both of whole compete with Lumentum for Apples VCell business. Could it possibly be that there was a shift in supplier to a newly dominant player?  While I’m not as familiar with Japan display it would seems possible there is a similar story there. Could it be that analysts have their collective heads ....
  • Amazon Echo users report strange 'laugh' sound randomly played by Alexa [u]

    The AI awakens
  • Apple said to ditch home button for Face ID with thinner bezeled 2018 iPad Pros, but don't...

    As far as I'm concerned I would be very happy with the non-OLED display.  Just got the iPhone X and don't particularly like the OLED.  Even with the reduced off-angle color variation of the Apple designed display I find it very annoying as the phone tilts during use.  Distracting.  I would rather go back to the LED/LCD as far as display looks go.