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  • Craig Federighi blasts Mac security to prop up iOS App Store

    I read his testimony and he didn’t ‘blast’ anything. He told a very factual state of things. iOS is a higher bar. macOS is not as good. Apple wants both to be better but macOS has farther to go. 

    He doesn’t  say macOS is bad just not as good on security as iOS.  What is being proposed would take iOS backwards WRT security, with which I agree strongly based on available evidence such as the state of Android. 

    Unbelievably sensational clickbait headline. 
  • Apple bought back a record $23.5B of AAPL shares in Q1 as Wall Street peddled "full panic ...

    carnegie said:
    Rayz2016 said:
    Possibly a silly question then:

    Is Apple trying to buy itself out of the stock market circus?

    No. Buying back stock isn't about going private. It doesn't move Apple any closer to being private or, likely, make it easier for someone to take it private. (I'd argue, for reasons I won't get lost in here, that in this case the buy backs make it a tiny bit less likely that Apple would get taken private. That effect isn't particularly relevant though because it would be extremely unlikely anyway.)

    A company can't take itself private. It can't buy back enough stock that it becomes a private company. Someone else - or some combination of someone elses - has to, in effect, buy the company.
    Just a point in fact.  A company can take itself private, I did it to my company to 'get out of the circus' as said.  Apple is not in a position to do so but I can be done.
  • Lumentum pinned as range-finding and face scanning laser supplier for 'iPhone 8' & 2018 mo...

    melgross said:
    It’s interesting that such a young company would have all of,those products out and a customer base. I’m surprised that apple didn’t buy them. Maybe there are other companies that are close on their heels and so Apple didn’t think it was worthwhile. I wonder what Apple could have gotten them for in early or mid 2016.
    Lumentum is not a young company.  It is a spinout of JDSU and was born mature :)