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  • Apple tells users to erase, restore iPhone and Apple Watch to fix Workout GPS data bug

    I don't usually look at my workout maps unless I run an unfamiliar route...but sure enough, the gps data is missing from my runs since I updated.

    I'm also getting poor battery performance on my Apple Watch 4 since the update as well. ihatescreennames said:
    That’s rough. I haven’t been affected by this myself but I know people who have. Unfortunately, the one who is most concerned is in her mid-70s, goes for 6-8 mile walks a few times a week and won’t be confident in doing an erase and restore to both of her devices. 

    In practice this solution isn’t that difficult but I know some people will struggle just at the thought of it. 
    True. If you've never done this before, it's not necessarily a simple fix.
  • I replaced my Mac with my iPad Pro for a week -- here's how it went

    I use a mid-2012  MacBook Pro for work. Since my job primarily involves “office“ type tasks (so no heavy video editing or anything), I have thought about getting an iPad Pro as my sole work computer when the MBP kicks the bucket. I can’t think of a single task I do that absolutely couldn’t be done on an iPad Pro, though some workflows would certainly take some getting used to. However, I often use a second monitor with my MBP, and I think I’d miss the ability to do that while sitting at my desk.
  • Apple TV Channels arrive on third-generation Apple TV and in tvOS 12.3 update

    apple ][ said:
    I still have a third gen Apple TV 3. I didn't think that it would ever be seeing any more additions, but I was thankfully wrong.
    Also an Apple TV 3 user. Here's something I haven't found documentation for: Is it possible to connect other subscription services into the AppleTV app on the ATV3 like you can on the newer versions and in the iOS app? I couldn't figure out a way to do it, so I'd imagine the answer's no. Not a huge deal since we only have a couple of subscription services, but it would be fun to see how it works.
  • With AirPower canceled, here are the best alternative Qi wireless iPhone charging pads

    Nice reviews. A couple questions:

    1) The last review (Yootech) mentions that the lights can be turned off if you'd like to charge your phone next to you while you sleep. I'd be interested in hearing from others' experience about quality Qi chargers that come without lights or whose lights can be turned off. It's not always apparent in product descriptions whether a charging pad has a light or if the light can be turned off.

    2) Some of the reviews mention safety features (such as foreign object detection, protections against overcharging, etc.), while others do not. Is it perhaps unwise to buy "budget" Qi chargers? I know I've made the mistake of buying a terrible 3rd party charger for my MBP in the past just because it was cheaper, only to have it fray. But other than wanting one that won't light up my room at night while I'm sleeping, I'm just interested in a basic Qi charging pad and so I don't need an expensive one that looks great or has a lot of features.
  • Cheaper 6.1-inch LCD 2018 iPhone expected to be Apple's most popular model

    kkqd1337 said:
    I’d imagine most people here like me will want the 6.5 OLED. But really it would be sensible to get the LCD.
    There's the rub. While OLED would be nice (I don't know if I could do a huge phone, though, I still need to carry it in my pocket), at this point I'm not ready to pay the price difference. (That whole "sensible" thing you mentioned.) That being said, I do remember using an iPhone 4 for a day (with retina display) then thinking, "I can never go back." But I'm not sure the difference between LED and OLED is as drastic on a phone, unless you watch a lot of content on your phone.