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  • Apple tells users to erase, restore iPhone and Apple Watch to fix Workout GPS data bug

    I don't usually look at my workout maps unless I run an unfamiliar route...but sure enough, the gps data is missing from my runs since I updated.

    I'm also getting poor battery performance on my Apple Watch 4 since the update as well. ihatescreennames said:
    That’s rough. I haven’t been affected by this myself but I know people who have. Unfortunately, the one who is most concerned is in her mid-70s, goes for 6-8 mile walks a few times a week and won’t be confident in doing an erase and restore to both of her devices. 

    In practice this solution isn’t that difficult but I know some people will struggle just at the thought of it. 
    True. If you've never done this before, it's not necessarily a simple fix.
  • Hands-on: Ecobee4 Thermostat with Apple HomeKit & Amazon Alexa

    We have an Ecobee 3, and the thermostat itself is wonderful. There is a steep learning curve if you want to use many of the features (behaviors when motion is detected, not detected, how to turn that on and off in the schedule, etc.), but perhaps that was just because it's our first smart thermostat. My one complaint is that you can't change the default setting for the length of time motion goes undetected before it will go into "away" mode and save energy (2 hours). We've never had any issues with the app (we have only iOS devices), and my favorite feature is being able to control the temperature from afar when I've forgotten to turn down/off the air when we're gone at time outside our usual schedule (since it takes 2 hours to decide we are, indeed, all out of the house).

    My biggest complaint is that the sensors do not seem to communicate with HomeKit very well. As Flydog mentioned, using HomeKit overrides Ecobee's built-in smart features, but since I tend to use the schedule rather than relying on the Ecobee's home/away detection features, I thought I'd give HomeKit a try a couple of months ago. For instance, my wife's work schedule has her coming home at different times each afternoon, so I wanted to use HomeKit to turn up the heat during the afternoons whenever the sensors detected motion, so that the heat wasn't running for a few hours when she wasn't home until later. Though I could see in the Ecobee logs that the sensors correctly detected motion when someone got home, the sensors only communicated to HomeKit that motion was detected about 50% of the time. (FWIW, an iPad Air is our HomeKit hub.) I tried geofencing, which usually worked fine. However, with kids that don't yet have phones, using geofencing alone isn't really a solution for us. A web search showed that others have had trouble with Ecobee communicating to HomeKit that motion is detected. After a couple of weeks of troubleshooting, I gave up and went back to the Ecobee schedule. Not a huge deal since we aren't huge HomeKit users, but annoying nonetheless.