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  • Apple's Self Repair Program vs. Genius Bar: What it costs to fix an iPhone 13

    Even with Apples inflated parts cost, the camera replacement example illustrates just how outrageous Apples standard repair pricing is.
    The camera pricing in the Article includes wording that the author is speculating it would normally cost the “other damage” fee. Nope. No Apple or service provider will charge that. That fee is for something like liquid damage where the whole phone gets swapped out. 
  • New Mac mini with M2 & M2 Pro - all the rumors so far

    Can’t wait. Only didn’t buy the M1 Mac mini because it replaced the the i3 Mac mini and the i5 Mac mini stayed there for US$200 above the M1 price at the same config. Apple Silicon is crazy fast, but I neeed speed. Had I know it would take this long I might’ve gone M1 Mac mini and upgraded later though. 
  • Apple burns early iPad Pro adopters, loyal customers with Magic Keyboard incompatibility

    If you have the previous iPad Pro, you don’t need to upgrade. My 1st gen 12.9” iPad Pro from 2015 is still going strong, keyboard and pencil still working well. 
    If you do want to upgrade, the old one and keyboard have great resale value. I know people with the old one who want the keyboard and want to not pay full retail, easy to sell it
  • Microsoft rolls out Files On-Demand for Mac to OneDrive for Business users

    iCloud Drive Desktop & Documents sync has always done this. Super handy. Everything is stored locally on my iMac with its huge drive, and backed up with versioning to time machine - but everything is available but does not take up space on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, all which have far less storage. 
  • Canadian sues Apple over Apple Watch scratches that he made [u]

    Ok, that wording is for the current Apple Watch Edition - the ceramic version that is the most expensive design having replaced the original Gold Edition watches. 
    So plantif has Apple Watch Edition? May well have a case then. 

    Wife and I both have stainless steel series 0, her with Milanese loop in 38mm and me with stainless steel link band in 42mm. I recently upgraded to a series two SS but kept my link band. 
    Zero scratches on our sapphire displays, perfect, like new. Many small micro abrasion style scratches in the stainless steel case, as expected like on normal watches with this finish.