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  • Fire breaks out at Samsung factory responsible for Note 7 battery production

    Looks like their new testing procedures are working... whoops, burnt down the factory. Well, better than customer's homes! Back to the drawing board guys, lets tweak that design a little more. 

    Look at an iPhone teardown. There is empty space all around the battery. Room to grow and breathe. Can you imagine Apple, of all people, leaving empty space in their designs if it wasn't warranted? The people who remove headphone jacks to make space?

    Note 7? No space around the battery. A whopping 3,500 mAh battery in less physical volume than the iPhone Plus' 3,000 mAh battery! 

    This is is why I detest their "there was nothing wrong with the design of the phone" stance. The design of a small phone with a big screen and a big battery is a flawed design. They needed to have shipped it with a 3,000 mAh battery like the Note 5. But they couldn't bear the reviews that would've complained about battery life. 

    Design is about trade offs. Making hard choices. Compromises. Simplification. 
  • Video: iMac Pro vs 2013 Mac Pro (Part 4) - 3D rendering and thermals

    jblongz said:
    10 years ago I was hoping Apple would introduce a water cooled system, but thats a pipe dream.
    They did - there was a water cooled G5 tower. It often failed spectacularly. Many many failures due to pipe leaks amongst other things. 
  • Apple's Self Repair Program vs. Genius Bar: What it costs to fix an iPhone 13

    Even with Apples inflated parts cost, the camera replacement example illustrates just how outrageous Apples standard repair pricing is.
    The camera pricing in the Article includes wording that the author is speculating it would normally cost the “other damage” fee. Nope. No Apple or service provider will charge that. That fee is for something like liquid damage where the whole phone gets swapped out. 
  • Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns amidst relationship scandal

    Also, he is married with two daughters. It’s not a good look for a CEO. 
    If he were unmarried and there was no company policy against this, fine. But that’s not the case. 

    And for those saying he’s dropped the ball, well, maybe he has... but it was on Paul Otellini’s watch that Intel declined to make ARM chips for iPhone, and then actually sold all their ARM IP away. Apple Newton ran on Intel StrongARM RISC. Intel ditching arm just before the iPhone reignited the smartphone industry is in my opinion one of the company’s biggest blunders ever. 
  • The surprisingly long history of the Apple AirPods

    Unrelated to their history...
    Can AirPods and their smart chip connect to non-Apple Bluetooth devices?
    Specifically, my grandson would like to use a pair with his bluetooth X-Box controller so he can hear the game and talk with fellow gamers.  But we don't know if the AirPods would connect and work with it since its not an Apple product?
    They do indeed work with non-Apple devices. The charging case has a button you hold down to enter Bluetooth pairing mode, for such devices, whereas they proximity pair with an iPhone. 

    Howveer, the XBox may have it’s own requirements. PlayStation cannot use standard Bluetooth headsets due to latency, a time delay of a few seconds listening to music is irrelevant. But during online multiplayer games that delay will get you killed. 
  • LastPass password vaults crackable for $100, alleges 1Password

    It boggles the mind. Why would anyone use Lastpass? It’s the last password manager I’d ever use: Lastpass. 

    Used to use 1Password until, I forget exactly but something about their upgrades or subscriptions I didn’t like. iCloud Keychain now suffices for me. 
  • New Mac mini with M2 & M2 Pro - all the rumors so far

    Can’t wait. Only didn’t buy the M1 Mac mini because it replaced the the i3 Mac mini and the i5 Mac mini stayed there for US$200 above the M1 price at the same config. Apple Silicon is crazy fast, but I neeed speed. Had I know it would take this long I might’ve gone M1 Mac mini and upgraded later though. 
  • Apple reportedly won't launch new M2 Macs until 2023

    Hope one of them is a 27” iMac, M2 or not. 
    No 27” iMac. They discontinued it.