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  • Apple beats lawsuit over racially diverse emoji

    This the kind of absurd lawsuit that Apple would routinely lose. Maybe they got better lawyers.
  • More supposed evidence of rumored next-generation Apple TV remote surfaces

    The current AppleTV Remote is arguably the worst design they ever came up with. At least with the hockey puck mouse you could feel for the wire. In a dark room, if you are lucky enough to even find the remote you have a very low chance of doing what you were hoping to do. I have turned captions on by accident more times than I have hit the button I wanted the first time.
  • AccountEdge abandons Catalina compatibility, customers looking for alternatives

    I have been using MYOB, the predecessor to AccountEdge, in a Mac OS 10.6 VM for nearly a decade. It has worked perfectly for me, and I can update the tax tables by hand, which is why I never upgraded to AccountEdge. It is almost certainly possible and quite easy to run AccountEdge out of a VM, but the problem will be the inability to update the tax tables.
  • Philips' fall Hue lineup to include first-ever Smart Plug & Filament bulbs

    D'oh. I upgraded almost every bulb in my house to the filament style ones already. Just the dumb ones, but had the smart ones been available I might have done a few that way instead.
    The energy savings have been dramatic by the way. Year over year has shown an absolutely astonishing difference. I had no idea the lights were consuming so much power.
    I spent about $200 on the bulbs and have already saved more than that.
  • Boeing 737 Max pilots didn't have flight simulators, and trained on iPads instead

    A bad angle of attack sensor, a physical device, would seem like an obvious point of failure. Even if the software were perfect, a bad sensor could basically plunge the plane into the ground. Pilots were not universally trained on disabling MCAS, but when one is plunging into the ground, it may not be the thing at the front of your mind even if you are familiar with it.

    A less obvious but I think more likely scenario is that there is a software bug in MCAS. This may manifest itself when pilots start to fight what MCAS was doing. They would pull up, MCAS would pull down even more trying to prevent a stall. It has been discovered recently that MCAS will push the nose down by a significantly larger margin than was admitted to the FAA (Boeing changed the spec after reporting it), and there is speculation that if it resets as pilots fight it, it could get even worse.

    Even pilots with extensive experience may be put in a no win scenario if either of the above occur.