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  • Apple Card's explosive growth blamed for Goldman Sachs troubles

    Day 1 user as well, added child and worked well, kid turns 18 and off to college and GS says sorry their 750 credit score and debt to income ratio too high. Zero debt, savings account and … so much for building loyalty eh? 
    Don't forget to count any support you are giving your child as income for that child. Whether it's allowance, or helping out with the rent. Scholarships count as well. A lot of states have tuition grants for in-state students. It all counts. That said, my son couldn't get one either. We are going to start him off on Discover for a year and then try again.

    For those travelling overseas, it is one of the best cards there is. There are no transaction fees, and the exchange rates used are close to par.

  • US lawmakers call for universal charging standard - but not necessarily for USB-C

    I kind of see it like regulating the width between railroad tracks. Not necessarily a bad idea. I have a mountain of obsolete cables that are almost certainly just going into a landfill one day. Probably when my wife puts them there after I am gone. Some commentors have likened this to communism. I have news for them -we regulate the width between railroad tracks -we already are communists, so there is no turning back now!
  • Apple beats lawsuit over racially diverse emoji

    This the kind of absurd lawsuit that Apple would routinely lose. Maybe they got better lawyers.
  • Netgear has a new $1,500 Wi-Fi 6e mesh router

    I hope this doesn't double-post -these forums really don't like Safari 15.

    I have been using Orbi an RBR50 and friends for a few years now. They were very simple to install and have been performing quite well. They have not been entirely trouble free but they are orders of magnitude faster than the Airport base station they replaced.

    Unfortunately they cap out at about 350 Mbps. I want to replace them with something that can support my 800 Mbps service. I want to look at the DECO product mentioned above. However, I do not want anything from Google or Amazon and am willing to pay a premium to avoid that.
  • Fake Apple stocks are starting to trade on various blockchain platforms

    aderutter said:
    It’s not fake stocks though, it’s more like buying an index tracker. It aint stock, fake or otherwise, it’s something different and something I would avoid like the plague. I’ll stick to my AAPLs. 
    An "index tracker", in the way I think you mean it, actually buys the stocks. They own part of the companies they are tracking. When I first looked at the headline of the article, I got the impression that this was just an index fund you could buy with crypto currency. But it's not. They are selling literally nothing. It makes no sense.