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  • Steve Jobs wanted ultra-optimized US manufacturing, Apple vets say

    sirozha said:
    My town is inundated with H1B-visa Indians who have replaced 50% or more of American IT personnel. About 35% of doctors are Indian on H1B visas. They have pushed Americans out of the jobs here, and these are not manufacturing jobs. These are high-tech and medical jobs. As a result, housing prices are  through the roof. These temporary Indians are buying several houses each on interest-only loans, knowing full well that they are going to have to leave within 5-6 years and can simply abandon their houses (if the market turns down) with no consequences. Their monthly mortgage payments are significantly lower than apartment rentals because of the ARM-type loans that they take out.  In the meantime, they are collecting rents on the multiple houses that they purchased with no credit history and no permanent status here. How can a temporary worker buy a house in the US on a mortgage is beyond comprehension. We have not learned anything from the 2009 housing crash. 

    If we don't want to manufacture anything, we don't want to build anything, we don't want to work in agriculture, we don't want to study sciences, we don't want to work as engineers, we don't want to be doctors, what the hell are we good for? Are we going to be pigs for the rest of the world to raise until we get fat enough to be slaughtered? 

    We can have robotic factories built in the US and train our citizens to maintain and program robots. If we don't know how to do this, let's invite Chinese, Japanese, and Germans to help us out, pay them handsomely, and learn how to make our own crap efficiently by leveraging the latest robotic technologies for manufacturing. This could not be done three decades ago, but with the advance of technology, it is now possible. 
    We’re already too fat. Seriously, though. Companies hire the best. Period. We don’t even have an adequate school infrastructure. This is what happens when you have 10x the amount of money pouring into the military. You leave nothing for educating the masses. The irony about Indians is that they modeled their school system after our public system of the 60’s & 70’s. 
  • Disrupt Berlin 2018 heavy on machine learning, picks sperm freezer Legacy as Startup Battl...

    riss said:
    What a joke... just like EU commmison and their digital initiatives disconnected from market realities 
    Not everything has to relate to the fucking market. Geez, does anyone do anything good for humanity out of the goodness of their heart? What a shallow time we live in and with some seriously fucked up values. I take solace in the fact that there will be a reckoning for all who have placed the accumulation of money (at any cost) at the top of their value system. 
  • Complex iOS 12 passcode bypasses grant access to iPhone Contacts and Photos

    dont have Siri enabled, so this is a non issue. 
  • Cook says Apple not in music streaming for the money, touts human content curation

    nunzy said:
    Phil Schiller really hit it out of the ballpark with this PR strategy.

    Not trying to profit? How could Tim even keep a straight face?
    Guess what? Money & making profit isn’t the be all, end all for a lot of people, thankfully. If that is at the top of your value system, you are in for a rude awakening. If not now, later in life. 
  • AT&T more than doubles 'administration fee' on post-paid phones, tablets and smartwatches

    this is how they increase their stock value. they can’t innovate, so they bleed their customers to death. maybe it’s time to switch.

    If this isn’t enough to convince you, maybe the fact that at&t is in bed with the NSA will convince you. It is a well known fact that they (the NSA) occupy an entire floor in the at&t building in San Francisco.