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  • Apple's safety report for 'Project Titan' testing comes in at just 7 pages

    It is a mistake to even attempt to have a secret autonomous vehicle program. To be effective you need a large number of vehicles on actual streets in all kinds of traffic and weather conditions. All safety information should be public. Without that, all you have is an interesting experiment, not a real product people should trust with their lives.
    The problem with your theory is the public will begin to make assumptions about said product(s) and, not only would this affect stock prices, but completely put a stop to testing of all products in the real world.
  • Healthcare tech firm Epic Systems says it won't consider any Apple buyout offer

    rob53 said:
    Epic is full of epic user problems. Just talk to any medical receptionist who’s had to transition to Epic. Why would Apple even consider wasting their money buying out this company? Work with them but be able to ditch them whenever they want to. 
    Yes. My doctor agrees wholeheartedly. Spends more time filling in records/forms than spending time with patients (he said). He alluded to the system being broken and ultimately detrimental to the patient recovery time & rate. 

    Fucking insurance companies. And this mentality of profits before people. 
  • Apple Enterprise Certificates leveraged to distribute hacked versions of popular apps

    No more consequences for bad behavior anywhere, it seems. 

    Apple should suspend pend their licenses for 5 years if their certificate rules are violated. 

    As it is, they only get a slap on the wrist and everything is back to normal. 
  • Apple Watch heart rate alerts leads woman to supraventricular tachycardia diagnosis

    larrya said:
    My watch keeps waking me up because of low heart rate, but there are no other symptoms. I would rather sleep. 
    Ummm…get clearance from your doctor, then try sleeping with your watch on the charger. Do people not know how to unplug? Where is the common sense?
  • Apple Sunnyvale office described as 'black site' with tenuous work conditions

    dysamoria said:
    I don’t care for the clear anti-Apple bias in this story.
    Tough. If Apple is running an unhealthy workplace, then people should know about it.

    i don’t care for the clear anti-workforce bias in this country.

    Everything I’ve ever heard about and witnessed about Apple as an employer has made it clear to me that I will never work for them. It has nothing to do with my skill set and everything to do with my self-respect. I’ve been abused by employers before; there’s nothing more important than staying out from underfoot of a sociopathic organization.
    I’m sure you wouldn’t be a good fit. 

    California is an “at will” state. It’s a law. You can be fired for looking at your boss cross eyed. 
    So it’s not an Apple thing. 

    If apex is handling all the job job related tasks, it sounds like an apex problem. 

    What i I have discovered about the younger generations is that they simply don’t like working and they don’t like to be told no. 

    There are other places to work if you don’t like this one. 
    steven n.