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  • Apple currently limiting M1 iPad Pro apps to 5GB RAM each

    Makes sense to limit individual apps. Common practice for sharing resources in virtualization and such. If one app used more memory, it would impact other apps when the resource hog switched to the background. This limit sounds like making apps play nice, and the hardware feel snappy.
  • 'Apple Tags' tracking devices launching summer 2020, says Ming-Chi Kuo

    It is going to need something more than just UWB to be a useful tag for locating, it would need at least Bluetooth to make it locatable from further by various devices.  UWB range is pretty small.  
    UWB goes through walls and is measured on the order of meters. It's the tech used in industrial RTLS systems. More than capable for indoor locating. Larger spaces (multiple shops or different departments in a store) could easily be instrumented with multiple emitters/sensors.
  • Apple investment in Chinese wind farms providing 134 megawatts to grid

    buckkalu said:
    Then there is the devastating effect the number of birds, bats and other insects killed by the blades.
    Greatly over-hyped. I feel for the animals hit, but they're better off in a world with clean energy given the ACTUAL low numbers.

    The number of birds killed by turbines is fairly insignificant to existing sources:
    • windmills          (10k-500k)
    • cars                  (60,000k-80,000k)
    • pesticides        (~70,000k)
    • power lines      (130,000k-174,000k)
    • other sources: cars (hundreds of million, windows, coms towers, etc) 
    Here's a link which provides references as well to its sources:
  • Hands on with Siri in the shower thanks to U by Moen

    I thought this was funny at first but i'm starting to use Siri more and more as she becomes able to do things. I've been surprised that she is becoming useful. Lots is changing recently. 

    So for me, a scenario I could see isgetting home and telling my shower to warm up. I take care of my dog and other things so that when I get upstairs, I can jump in. Not a huge win, but if I never expended any time to start it (i.e. voice commands can be given while taking off my shoes), then that 30-60 seconds of time saved is kinda nice. 

    I don't know if I would buy this... but in the future the price may enter my range of convenience. 
  • Steve Jobs' handwritten Apple I specifications sheet could fetch $60,000 at auction

    I get the feeling this could go for a LOT more. It has so much geek chic... not fashion... not trendy... true engineering geek chic. Most items are parts of a computer or such. This is so perfect to frame and put on a wall as an inspirational shrine. I hope whoever gets it smiles at it at least once a day and then gets back to work on their latest and greatest endeavor that is changing the world...
    anton zuykovwatto_cobra