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  • 'Don't Mess with Mother' behind-the-scenes video as dramatic as the release

    MacPro said:
    Off topic but ...  OMG if only the phone had been held horizontally we would be seeing the images at roughly x4 the size viewed in the standard horizontal viewing mode.
    It's just different orientation, we may need to adjust. I am seeing more and more videos being shot in portrait mode and I think it's due to some stats that might have been gathered suggesting most are watching videos on the mobile portrait. I see most of my non-designer friends locking their phone orientation in portrait so that it doesn't switch back and forth. I personally agree with you, landscape is better.
    I appreciate that the finished video is in landscape. Not sure why the behind-the-scenes has a different orientation. I don't care whether you say gif or gif, I have strong feelings about this controversy. I'm landscape for life, baby.
  • The Wall Street Journal reportedly joins Apple News service, NYT and Washington Post decli...

    I've really, really, really been enjoying access to the content that's there for free now from those with paywalls such as WaPo, WSJ, Bloomberg, etc. I'm assuming these are test runs and that Apple must be paying them for this or maybe those companies are seeing some other benefit from having a presence already.

    I'm fairly sure I'll pay $10 per month for additional access. It's easy and gives me access to really awesome articles. For the last few years I've been bouncing around paying serious cash for access to individual publications. I can't stomach paying for more than one so just choose one at a time. Having this subscription service means that I wouldn't have to choose.
  • What to expect from the March 25 'It's show time' Apple News and streaming video event

    It's clear this is going to focus on video but just raising my hand for news subscriptions, please! I love reading news and analysis. It's prohibitive subscribing to all news sources and I just end up rotating between them from year to year. That just means I have to pick just one for a while and while that's nice enough it would be simply awesome to have a wider range of sources especially for political news where there are so many views or international news where you also need more breadth. I would even accept *some* limits on how much I can read from each source, say 50 or so views a month, rather than 3 or 5 or 10. (50 might be low so it would be nice to have more though even 50 would be reasonable for starters.)
  • Bad Lip Reading skewers Apple's keynotes in latest video

    Uh, oh, dang it. I gotta pee. hilarious, sophomoric humor
    backstabanton zuykovdysamoria
  • Stolen Apple account credentials can be acquired from 'dark web' markets for just $15

    Hit me up. I'll sell you mine for the going rate. It'll cost a lot more to have me turn off two factor for you to use it tho. haha