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  • German advertisers file antitrust complaint over Apple's App Tracking Transparency

    Germany is right now trashing the civil liberties.
    So the right to not being tracked is obsolet too...  :s
  • Apple supplier TSMC hires water trucks as Taiwan drought continues

    Normal weather for Taiwan under la niña conditions, especially if it is a strong one like this season.
  • Apple 'M1X' chip specification prediction appears on benchmark site

    If the prediction turns out to be accurate, it looks like the upgrade would be focused on graphics. The listing suggests that "M1X" could have a 16-core GPU [...]. It could feature 256 execution units, rather than the M1's 128
    Pure nonsense.
    The M1 GPU has 1024 ALUs, 128 per GPU-core.
    The M1X GPU may double that to 2048 ALUs.
    And CPU Monkey doesn't appear to have much credibility among benchmarking sites.
    Nonsense like that about the GPU doesn't help...
  • Apple takes TSMC's whole 3nm production capacity for Mac, iPhone, iPad

    According to Money.UDN, supply chain sources say that trials are progressing smoothly. The sources estimate that TSMC's 3nm line is on course to produce 600,000 processors annually, or 50,000 per month, with mass production starting in 2022.
    The original article is translatet by google to

    "According to the supply chain, TSMC’s 3nm and 4nm trial production preparations are progressing smoothly. Among them, 3nm is actively moving towards the goal of an annual production capacity of 600,000 pieces and a converted monthly production capacity of more than 50,000 pieces."

    TSMC does not produce CPUs they produce wafers.
  • TSMC 3nm 'risk production' in 2021 paves the way to 2022 mass production

    Although I’m rooting for Apple silicon to debut with 12 Cores, eight cores and 16 threads on the Intel MacBook Pro will be hard to beat. 
    In the MacBook Pro 16 at best we have an i9-9980HK with 45W TDP (PL2 is capped at 70W). To be able to maintain 45W TDP the CPU has to clock down to a whopping 2,4GHz all-core. In a thermally restricted environment, aka notebook, Intel doesn't stand a chance as they can't drive clock rates high enough to match the performance Apple's Cores can achieve at much lower clock rates and with that at a much lower power consumption.

    I'm pretty sure the Mac Book Pro 13 with Apple Silicon SoC will be able to match the performance of the fastest MacBook Pro 16 with an Intel CPU.
    robaba said:
    Seems like 3nm might be a starting prerequisite if Apple plans on a massive Pro chip like some are suggesting.
    I don't understand, why would Apple have to design one huge monolithic die?  
    Two dies, 16+4 cores each, N5P node, uses TSMC's LIPinCon, and put together with CoWoS.
    There you have it – sales start june, 21st 2022....  B)