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  • Apple discontinues full-size HomePod, to focus on HomePod mini

    The HomePod features an A8. It's acient.
    Next product to be cancelled: AppleTV HD.
  • TSMC 3nm 'risk production' in 2021 paves the way to 2022 mass production

    Although I’m rooting for Apple silicon to debut with 12 Cores, eight cores and 16 threads on the Intel MacBook Pro will be hard to beat. 
    In the MacBook Pro 16 at best we have an i9-9980HK with 45W TDP (PL2 is capped at 70W). To be able to maintain 45W TDP the CPU has to clock down to a whopping 2,4GHz all-core. In a thermally restricted environment, aka notebook, Intel doesn't stand a chance as they can't drive clock rates high enough to match the performance Apple's Cores can achieve at much lower clock rates and with that at a much lower power consumption.

    I'm pretty sure the Mac Book Pro 13 with Apple Silicon SoC will be able to match the performance of the fastest MacBook Pro 16 with an Intel CPU.
    robaba said:
    Seems like 3nm might be a starting prerequisite if Apple plans on a massive Pro chip like some are suggesting.
    I don't understand, why would Apple have to design one huge monolithic die?  
    Two dies, 16+4 cores each, N5P node, uses TSMC's LIPinCon, and put together with CoWoS.
    There you have it – sales start june, 21st 2022....  B)
  • Growing glass crack appears at Michigan Ave. Apple store in Chicago

    The damage is unlikely to affect the structural integrity of the building, but could pose a safety hazard to shoppers or passersby if the glass shatters.
    That's laminated glass. In all likelihood it will not shatter.
    But it's interesting that it cracked at all. The roof seems to apply an uneven load to the glass sheets.
    If true it won't help to just exchange the glass, the next one would crack as well...
  • Apple & Samsung could be only smartphone makers with 7nm chips in 2018

    With Qualcomm's 845 produced in Samsung's 10LPP Apple will be the only one to have 7nm SoCs in most of 2018.
    But at the end of 2018 we may see Kirin 980 at 7nm too. Transistor count for Kirin 970 is already 5.5 billion and chip size is ~97mm² - that's very big for a non-Apple SoC.
    I think HiSilcon will aim for that density improvement 7nm has to offer. 

    @Tjwolf ;
    The modem doesn't have to be integrated on die - Apple could integrate the modem into the PoP (SoC + RAM + modem). Intel is rumoured to bring production of the next-gen modem inhouse (10nm process, same desity as TSMC's 7nm).
  • State Farm sues Apple over house fire allegedly caused by 'defective' iPhone

    ipilya said:
    what I don't understand... how did he buy it "new" if it was released in 2011.... that is a 3 year difference from when he bought it. Wasn't this phone already out of circulation?
    The iPhone 4s was discontinued 2014-09-09.
    And the article doesn't tell when in 2014 the iPhone was purchased and when in 2016 it cought fire.