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  • Purportedly leaked 4-inch iPhone schematics bear striking resemblance to iPhone 6

    Power's back on top. Very nice.
  • Review: Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 & 6s

    the "baffling" design decisions aren't baffling. you just didn't understand why they did them. Gruber does:
    Gruber, Rene Ritchie and Jim Dalrymple get it. And since there are third-party options, which are even sold Apple stores, what's there to complain about. Buy something else if you don't like this option.
    Actually who "got it" first was Joanna Stern. This is a well-integrated, high quality battery for hard core iPhone 6/s users who needed more juice before the end of some days. It's an admission from Apple that the non-plus phones were underpowered for some.

    The end.  Full stop. There's no reason for twice the original battery life to get a power user through the day when the original was so close. Why add the bulk?  And this is the only case with Lightning (hello, Sherlocking), iOS integration, and maybe the only one with an integrated antenna. High quality, Apple stuff. 

    if you're not a power user who gets antsy about battery after 4pm, this isn't the case for you. But that also means it's probably the case for most people for whom the original phones' design fell a little short. 
  • Review: Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 & 6s

    This is a very weird (and pretty obviously biased) review IMO.  

    It goes on for a while about all the great features of the product, then it makes a single, wildly unsupportable claim ("... in normal mixed use ... we were left with ... about what you'd expect from an iPhone on its own."), then it depends into endless petty griping.  
    Yeah, that was awful. Wow. "we were left with a 12 percent charge on the case by the end of the day, about what you'd expect from an iPhone on its own." Wait, what? RLY?

    I dont care care if it's just 50% more battery, you'll have more at the end of the day than without. Maybe the reviewer struggled with the concept of charging the battery before deciding to lambast it poorly. ;)