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  • Apple's 'A12' chip reportedly in production using 7nm process from TSMC

    lkrupp said:
    Wait one damned minute! Weren’t we just treated to a gloom and doom report saying TSMC was lowering its revenue estimates by $1 BILLION because iPhone sales have collapsed into the toilet. Now this article says, “Chip producer TSMC may enjoy its highest profits this year for production of the A12 processor...” What am I supposed to believe? The gloom and doom article caused AAPL to tank overnight. Wall Street apparently believes it’s all over for Apple. I’m getting really tired of this Yin and Yang horse manure.

    The revenue estimates were for the second quarter based on forecasts for the A11.  The higher profits are for the year based on forecasts for the A12.

    Both can be true.
  • Apple's 2019 Mac Pro: eight things we want to see

    You used to be able to get an iMac for what Apple is charging for the ten inch iPad.
    The lowest priced 21.5" iMac is $1099.  When have they ever been significantly cheaper than that?

    And the 10" iPad can be maxed out to $1129, so what you say is still true.
  • Apple Music loses hip-hop and R&B curator to Spotify

    bitmod said:
    Spotify have by far the best curation in the business. Probably because they have the largest music library in the industry. 

    - Tidal's curation always ends with R&B - regardless of what genre you pick. Want classical Spanish guitar for sleeping... 5 songs in... here is some rapper screaming about his pubes. 

    - Apple's curation always ends with top 40  *yawn* boring as **** corporate spoon fed RIAA sanctioned puke. Elevator music is more interesting. It's the streaming service for mind-controlled prozac junkies.

    - Spotify's curation always ends with never before heard bliss that reaches into your very soul to find the essence of your existence - sending you on a journey of discovery, an epoch to musical nirvana. 

    If Spotify ever goes CD or MQA quality - it's game over for Tidal. 
    AM will always have its niche of serving bland porridge to the drones - on their Homepods with just-good-enough fidelity that it doesn't reveal what lousy compressed sound quality 256 AAC is compared to 320 mp3 (which also isn't great).

    *mic drop...

    Have to agree with the curation comments, Apple Music just recommends me playlists of music I already own, or very bland collections that I'm not interested in.  The library is there, I can search for all sorts of gems, but the recommendation engine is not very impressive at all.
  • The 2019 Mac Pro will be what Apple wants it to be, and it won't, and shouldn't, make ever...

    Soli said:
    jdw said:
    Soli said:
    You're just acting like en entitled prick because you think Apple owes you something it doesn't. You think they work for you, when you're just one of tens of millions of customers...
    I apologize that I did not quote the rest of your profanity-laced diatribe, but it does make me wonder...  do you ever go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air?  

    I’m not being sarcastic or condescending by asking that question.   I myself did just that yesterday. I did not keep the topic of this forum constantly on my mind, nor do I harbor ill will towards you or anyone else here, regardless of what you said. 

    Sometimes when discussing our favorite computing platform we end up spending way too much time in online forums.  We may even find ourselves using that time to criticize our fellow Mac fans, using words we ought not in polite company, and expressing harsh sentiments that really have no place in a formum comprises of educated people like this one. 

    Not everyone will agree with my call on our beloved fruit company to offer a Mac Pro for the masses akin to the PowerMacs of old. I understand that.   But like Rodney King once said, “can’t we all just get along?“
    You should take your advice instead of making petty comments and only focusing on yourself. Even in this past reply you've said "our favorite computing platform" and "our beloved fruit company." That type of thinking is probably why you believe Apple owes you something.

    Regardless of your perceived personal connection, your longterm investments in Macs, the amount soapboxing you've done to convert others to Macs, or the number of Apple stickers you've placed on your car it's still just a fucking company. No Mac user's identity should be wrapped up in Apple, and if something better comes along that suits your needs better I hope to god that you are able to see it.

    PS: I've ordered Apple Pay stickers from Apple so I can hand out to local businesses that support NFC-based payments but aren't aware. I'm not doing this for Apple, even though it does help them. I'm doing it for myself because the faster Apple Pay (and NFC in general) reaches its tipping point to where I don't have to carry a wallet, risk physical cards being stolen or numbers stolen en route the better off I'll be.
    My god.  Someone is "entitled" and a "prick" for using the word "should" on an unaffiliated Apple message board as a shortening of "I think they should", and "thinks Apple owes them something" simply for expressing an opinion on what would make Apple's product better.  They need to sort out their identity, what a loser.

    Meanwhile the free-thinking, super-smart Soli is buying Apple stickers for his local businesses.  What a star.

    That's hilarious :smiley: 
  • A brief history of the iPad, Apple's once and future tablet

    crowley said:
    AppleZulu said:
    They’ll add that SCSI port mentioned upstream before there is ever a cursor on an iPad.
    There already is a cursor on the iPad, any time you're entering text.  You can move it around with your finger, and also by force touching on the keyboard (that might be iPhone only, not sure, I don't have an iPad anymore), and also by using directional keys on a keyboard if you have a keyboard attached that has directional keys.  It's already there.

    It doesn't have a mouse pointer, for sure, but it's still tracking pointing in a not wholly dissimilar way, whether you're entering by finger multi-touch or by Apple Pencil, so it's hardly a great stretch to imagine Apple adding the ability to connect a more traditional pointing device for certain tasks.

    I don't understand the confidence you have in your assertion.  They will certainly never add SCSI.
    Saying that replacing a cursor with your finger is like saying you can take a 30 foot box truck to the grocery store to buy milk.   It CAN be done.   But, most would choose a more appropriate device.
    Not sure what you're responding to there, but fine.  Get a keyboard then.  That's the best device for text entry, and you can get them for iPads.  Apple sell one.