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  • Man blames Apple for bitcoin theft by fake app in App Store

    gatorguy said:
    crowley said:
    gatorguy said:
    crowley said:
    How did the app change its purpose after getting into the store?  And in a way that meant this guy was fooled into thinking it was a crypto wallet?

    Something sounds fishy here.  At the very least there’s a hole in Apples processes.

    Though I have limited sympathy for anyone who has any involvement with Bitcoin or any crypto nonsense.
    If you read the source article Apple has no way to prevent it. 
    No way to prevent what?  An app changing its purpose after App Store listing?  That seems dubious. 
    That was Apple's response. 
    I read the WaPo article carefully and didn't find anything as explicit as what you've said.  "Apple does not allow these sorts of changes, but Apple says it does not know when they occur" is the closest I can find, but that just means they don't know with the data they have right now, not that there's no conceivable way to achieve it.
  • Apple was leading buyer of AI companies between 2016 and 2020

    Given the results, I'd say these were a far bigger waste of money than Beats, which everyone here dumps on.  Apple is to AI companies what Microsoft is to messaging companies, the rumble of impending doom.
  • Intel wants to manufacture Apple Silicon

    qwerty52 said:
    crowley said:
    If Intel can make it and be competitive with TSMC and Samsung, then absolutely Apple should engage with them.  No way they would do as some suggest and play hardball because of soreness over a couple of ads.  

    Why? Maybe because Apple should reschedule so many times the release of new Mac models, because Intel wasn’t ready with its chips?
    At the moment Intel is a sick company, company in crisis. 
    In place of their misleading adds against Apple, they should use their resources to think about, how can they reorganize their own company. How can they make a progress in production of new modern chips, so they can make the company competitive again.
    But no! The Intel’s CEO decided to act like the other two losers: Zuckerberg and Sweeney 
    They are reorganising the company, that what this article is about!  You're exclusively focussing on the acts of the marketing department and ignoring what the rest of the business is doing, all while criticising it.

    No one is saying that Apple should get themselves in a position where they are totally reliant on Intel for A and M series chips, but having another supplier would not be a bad thing.  Diversified supply chains are better at dealing with production problems. 

    Obviously if Intel aren't up to the task then don't use them, but that's what talks and trial production runs are there to establish.
  • Renesas chip foundry fire could harm Apple's supply chain

    According to what I've read the chip shortage is mainly to do with a massive spike in demand due to so much homeworking and telecommuting.  Supply dipped in the early days of COVID-19, but has now recovered and exceeds what it was in early 2020.  
  • Missing HD icon

    Go to Finder >Finder Menu > Preferences > General

    Then check whatever you want to show on the desktop

    If you go to Sidebar in the Preferences you'll be able to set External Disks to show in Finder too.