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  • The 2019 Mac Pro will be what Apple wants it to be, and it won't, and shouldn't, make ever...

    Soli said:
    jdw said:
    Soli said:
    You're just acting like en entitled prick because you think Apple owes you something it doesn't. You think they work for you, when you're just one of tens of millions of customers...
    I apologize that I did not quote the rest of your profanity-laced diatribe, but it does make me wonder...  do you ever go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air?  

    I’m not being sarcastic or condescending by asking that question.   I myself did just that yesterday. I did not keep the topic of this forum constantly on my mind, nor do I harbor ill will towards you or anyone else here, regardless of what you said. 

    Sometimes when discussing our favorite computing platform we end up spending way too much time in online forums.  We may even find ourselves using that time to criticize our fellow Mac fans, using words we ought not in polite company, and expressing harsh sentiments that really have no place in a formum comprises of educated people like this one. 

    Not everyone will agree with my call on our beloved fruit company to offer a Mac Pro for the masses akin to the PowerMacs of old. I understand that.   But like Rodney King once said, “can’t we all just get along?“
    You should take your advice instead of making petty comments and only focusing on yourself. Even in this past reply you've said "our favorite computing platform" and "our beloved fruit company." That type of thinking is probably why you believe Apple owes you something.

    Regardless of your perceived personal connection, your longterm investments in Macs, the amount soapboxing you've done to convert others to Macs, or the number of Apple stickers you've placed on your car it's still just a fucking company. No Mac user's identity should be wrapped up in Apple, and if something better comes along that suits your needs better I hope to god that you are able to see it.

    PS: I've ordered Apple Pay stickers from Apple so I can hand out to local businesses that support NFC-based payments but aren't aware. I'm not doing this for Apple, even though it does help them. I'm doing it for myself because the faster Apple Pay (and NFC in general) reaches its tipping point to where I don't have to carry a wallet, risk physical cards being stolen or numbers stolen en route the better off I'll be.
    My god.  Someone is "entitled" and a "prick" for using the word "should" on an unaffiliated Apple message board as a shortening of "I think they should", and "thinks Apple owes them something" simply for expressing an opinion on what would make Apple's product better.  They need to sort out their identity, what a loser.

    Meanwhile the free-thinking, super-smart Soli is buying Apple stickers for his local businesses.  What a star.

    That's hilarious :smiley: 
  • Google to kill support for iPhone 6s-era Nexus phones and all of its tablets in Android P

    cropr said:
    Just to make things clear.

    1) The Nexus 5X, 6P and the Pixel C will receive security updates for another year.

    2) Standard apps (Contacts, Agenda, Browsing engine, ...) are getting updates with the Play Services and not as part of the Android updates, which is different from the iOS world where everything is updated as part of a new version of iOS.   The impacted devices will keep getting Play Services updates.

    Point 2 is nice, but the 1 year of point 1 is not long enough in my opinion.
    If Microsoft dropped upcoming Windows support for its own two-year-old Surface PCs and said, "hey folks it's okay you can still update your Windows apps and occasionally get updates to the services that make us money: Explorer, our app market, and our other inititives," would anyone really be needing to make excuses for why it was okay to abandon those machines? 

    Microsoft didn't even ditch is poor selling, flop Surface RT systems as quickly as Google is throwing its Nexus & Pixel C customers to the curb. Nexus was supposedly a real installed base of users. 

    The fact that APPLEInsider has a half dozen apologists like yourself posting daily spin on why Google's atrocious behavior is fine and okay and acceptable (and not just its shoddy support for third-party Androids, but even its suposed "in-house, designed by Google, pure Android" products) really tells you something. You guys are like russian troll bot farms with hours of time to excuse Google. 

    You're all so transparently phony: Cropr, Gatorguy, ad nauseam.
    The original iPad was released in January 2010.  The most recent iOS update for that iPad was iOS 5.1.1 released in May 2012.   2 years 4 months, about the same age as the Pixel C.

    Was the original iPad "supposedly a real installed base of users"?
  • Amazon Echo users report strange 'laugh' sound randomly played by Alexa [u]

    jcs2305 said:
    mj web said:
    There is no doubt in my mind Alexa is laughing at Siri. Siri is the most useless, annoying, frustrating, and janky piece of AI, I know of.  Shame on Apple and shame on Siri!
    Please just stop... and no.. shame on you for posting this BS.
    While I disagree with his overall sentiment, I find it hard to think of another AI that is more annoying, frustrating or janky than Siri.
    mj websingularity
  • Stanford students put down their iPhones to protest Apple not doing enough to curb device ...

    I have been reading this site for more than a decade but I have been more appalled by a comments section. I did not read every single comment here but the majority of the ones I did are basically saying: "these Stanford students are idiots/entitled brats/elitists..., and it's not Apple's responsibility, etc..." I also read the pamphlet, and while I agree the title "Apple is holding us captive" is a little (or a lot) hyperbolic, the contents are actually very reasonable and well presented.

    First of all, the students are not saying that they themselves have an addiction problem, they are saying that 50% of teens have an addiction problem, and that's backed up by research articles that they have cited. I'm sure we all agree with the findings of this research that phone addiction leads to stress, harm in relationships, and loss of productivity.

    Now, the strategy that most of you are suggesting, "get some self control and put stop using your phone that much", and other variations of this, does not work for people who are already addicted. If it did, drug addicts would have simply been told to stop taking drugs and sent on their merry way.

    I know everyone who commented here has self control and it's not a problem for them to say "These facebook notifications are getting annoying so let me just delete the app, and my facebook account while I'm at it (that's what I did many years ago)", but we are talking about children here, they don't have the same self control we do. They can't just put down the phone, or put it in airplane mode or something, they live in that world, so they don't want to put down the phone. I know the easiest thing to say to that is that it was the responsibility of the parents to make sure their kids don't get addicted, but guess what, many children don't have that kind of parent. Some parents are just bad parents, others are overworked, or simply don't know better. I am personally very involved in controlling how much screen time my children are getting, but I am fortunate enough to be able to do that. I have a job that allows me to spend enough time with my children so I am deeply involved in the process of raising them. Unfortunately not everyone is as fortunate as I am, and while some of you may be even more well-off than me, the majority of people are not, and we need to think about this from the perspective of the people who have the addiction problem. If you don't have the problem, then congratulations to you, but how about thinking of those who are not as fortunate as we are. That's what the Stanford students are doing.

    Finally, what does all this have to do with Apple? Look around, every smartphone on the planet is either an iPhone or an iPhone clone, and when Apple does something, the others follow. Take end-to-end encryption for example, nobody was doing it until Apple started doing it. It wasn't even a thing before that. When Apple says: "we are serious about the privacy/security/etc... of our users", other companies start copying that, and even though they may not be doing as good a job as Apple is in that respect, at least these concerns are now in the conversation.

    I imagine if Apple said "hey, this is what we are doing to protect our users agains addiction", other companies will start copying that. Long story short, the word "responsibility" has different meanings. You may be guilty of some crime, and you are responsible for fixing the damages. There is also social responsibility. This is the kind of responsibility that Apple has, which is that as a leader in the field, they have to do what is right and what is good for their users.

    Going back to the privacy and security for a moment. Imagine if Apple's devices were not secure and they did not respect your privacy. Many people here will complain that Apple is not doing enough to protect our privacy when we use their device. Imagine at that point if someone told you "Grow up and get some self control. If you are worried about that piece of data going public, don't put it on your phone". The truth however is that we can't. Too much of our minds are now stored in the phone, so we couldn't possibly keep ALL sensitive information off the device. Thankfully Apple has done something to address this problem and we can be, at least to a certain degree, confident that our sensitive data will not be misused. Hopefully they will also do something about the phone addiction problem, which is clearly a problem for kids these days (not all kids, but a large percentage) and Apple doing something is their best shot.

    My apologies for the long post. 
    Excellent comment.  Glad to see that there's an adult in the room.
  • Apple to launch branded over-ear headphones as soon as this year

    I wonder if Apple's experience with HomePod at gauging a room to deliver the best sound is going to lead them down a NuraPhone-type route.  Those things are getting a very good write up.