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  • Apple may fund original podcasts exclusive to its own services

    mobird said:
    crowley said:
    Apple invented the Podcast so it's embarrassing to see them fall behind. I hope they give more attention to the platform as they deserve a monopoly on this.
    They certainly did not.  If they had it may well have been closed off to iPods only.
    Yeah, you might want to check Wikipedia regarding that theory, far from it. Apple did sling a bunch of Cease and Desist orders around based on their entitlement from having a product with the letters "POD" in it...

    Podcast = iPod Broadcast

    It blows my mind he thinks Apple inventions can't be stolen. APPLE, a company with the worst track record of being stolen from.
    Verbal association doesn't mean Apple invented it.

    The only early mentions of Apple are trademark disputes.  Apple did not invent mp3, did not invent RSS, did not invent putting them together to create an audio feed, and did not invent the name "podcast". 

    They helped popularise podcasts for sure, when they added podcasts to iTunes, but they didn't invent them.
  • Apple may fund original podcasts exclusive to its own services

    Apple invented the Podcast 
    They certainly did not.  If they had it may well have been closed off to iPods only.
  • France approves digital tax measures against Apple despite US pressure

    dougd said:
    Awww Apple has to pay some tax boo hoo
    “Some”? 3% of revenues for a company with a 20% pre-tax profit margin is a 15% tax rate. For a company with 3% margin, it’s a 100% tax rate

    You like spending other people’s money, eh?
    Sorry, but you are mixing up national economy with international. Those are two totally different things. Company revenue, -profits, and -taxes are all part of one country’s economy system, while sales are taking place inside another country’s economy system. They definitely do not connect in the same way as if they were taking place in the same country/state. Which is also why these French taxes won’t necessarily affect consumer prices in France any more than in all other countries.

    To calculate the profit you need to deduct the costs connected to only the sales for that particular foreign country – which is really tough. But for digital services that would basically be the cost of sales plus some small extra data warehouse costs, which amounts to nearly nothing in the cases above.
    Your post makes no sense at all, I am afraid. Just no sense, at multiple levels. 
    It's a little confusingly worded, but in there is the heart of the problem, profit doesn't really mean anything on a national level when you're talking about multi-national companies, they have too many avenues to obfuscate that, especially in the EU because of its free movement rules.  That's exactly why throwing a couple of extra percentage points on corporation tax in France wouldn't be effective, because Apple books the majority of its corporate profits outside of France.

    It's a structural problem in the EU (not wholly dissimilar from cross-state business in the USA) that is a long way from being solved, but this French solution is an interesting prospect.
  • France approves digital tax measures against Apple despite US pressure

    roake said:
    pjs_socal said:
    I am surprised that it took EU countries this long to enact these kinds of taxes. It’s common knowledge that Apple (with help from Ireland) took advantage of loopholes in international tax laws to reduce their tax burden. Of course, Apple has done nothing illegal, but it’s completely within each country’s rights to change tax laws to close those loopholes.
    So imagine if every UN country charged Apple an additional 3% on gross revenue.
    As long as Apple's competitors are getting the same treatment, what's wrong with that?  

    Apple avoid a whole lot more than 3% with their financial arrangements.
  • Apple begins shipping India-made iPhones to European markets

    melgross said:
    We may not have the advantage with India much longer, as Trump started a trade war with them as well, and India has already begun to retaliate. If this keeps up, we’ll have another depression.
    Remind me of this map:

    You'll be able to draw a new one soon with all the countries that Donnie has insulted and/or started a trade war with.  Probably one with countries that he's heard of too, that'll be limited.