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  • Apple Arcade will service Apple's one billion gamers on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac

    The games don’t look very compelling...  Maybe for kids...?

    I’m a fan of Diablo style games, which are pretty much non existent on iOS.

    If I can’t have that, I play chess...
    Serious question:  isn't Fortnight a "Diablo-style" game?  Run around and shoot things with beautiful graphics.
    No it’s not 

    neither in style, game mechanics, rhythm and community. And also how the game is sold and it’s economy. 
  • Apple international regulatory filings hint that two new iPad models are imminent

    macxpress said:
    The mini is dead. No longer needs to be in Apple's lineup. Sorry folks! Go hang out with the 17" MacBook Pro crowd.
    I’ll hang out with the Xserve crowd, thank you. Much quieter. 
  • Futuremark analysis debunks rumor that Apple slows older iPhones down on purpose with iOS ...

    gpu/cpu metrics or new features are not the point.

    The point is:  even OLD features of the phone would be SLOWER.

    For exemple: animation, the very same animation, but slower.
    Safari with NO technical reason to be slower (not a bigger binaries, not a new fancy crazy interface) is slower to START.
    Scrolling slower, the same content than previously scrolled, but now slower. and so on.  

    it's THAT kind of "slowness" which concerns people, not the talk about gpu or how some "new features" will magically (or tragically) makes _everything_ slower. 

    And yes, we all know Apple doesn't twirl its moustaches, the proof being Cook has no moustaches. ^_-

    I guess what people are truly saying is they want more years of support for bugfixes, security and stability improvements before "new features which forces the whole os to be slower".

    Beside, why are you so convinced a new feature is a good reason to explain why a whole stack of software would be slower ? Here, it's not about Apple, it could be about any platform, any manufacturers.

    I'm asking why are you so convinced it's a valid technical reason to explain why a whole interface or stack of softwares should be slower.

    I'll remind MacOs and even Windows were able to be truly improved (faster for a lot of previously introduced features) and still bring NEW features. at the same time.