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  • EU law will force Apple to blow open its entire hardware and software stack

    williamh said:
    crowley said:
    rob53 said:
    EU is a dictatorship, plain and simple. At this point Apple needs to seriously tell the EU to GTH. The US needs to triple import duties on EU goods effectively shutting the EU down. The US should also reduce exports to the EU and cut off any financial support. 
    Weird how the EU dictatorship has so many elections.  
    Calling the EU a dictatorship seems way overblown, but still, when did the European public get to vote for the EU Council president?  European Commission president?  How about the European parliament president?  That's right, there aren't public elections for those positions.  

    European Commission's members are named by elected government of member states.

    Europe is not federalized like the USA is.

    European parliament is elected by all citizens. The president is just there, like in French parliament by the way, to maintain good order in the institution.

    Also, Europe can't legislate on all aspects of state members's law (for example: immigration, taxes, police, army, and so on).
    There is no need for now for a real federal president like in USA.

    Again and again, we are not Americans. Deals with it.

    In the end, what is important, from your point of view, your interests, your country, the might USA, is still there : we buy tons of Disney Star Wars and Apple has many Apple Stores for us to buy many tons of American Apple Product from the American Apple Company to consume American Great Cultural Content (music, games, movies) and to order online great american products (I don't know.. Dungeon and dragons books ? ) from the American Amazon service.

    See ? We are a great democracy : we consume americans products aaaAAall the day. (I pay my disney+ taxe also). No need to install democracy here, we're good.  No need to be free of nazi by Russia too. We put nazis in jails.

    really, it's nice. don't worry.  We drink american coca-pepsi-cola too. All democracy.
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