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  • Early iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro benchmarks reveal 4GB of RAM across all models

    64 gb of storage with 4 gb of ram for 1100 dollars and Apple has the audacity to call it Pro?!  The Note 10+ justifies its 1100 dollar price with 256 gb minimum storage plus SD expansion, 12 gb of ram, obviously 4x4 MIMO like they've had for years in any flagship, an S-pen, wireless powershare, 25 watt included 45 watt capable fast charging, twice as fast 15 watt wireless charging, far better screen to body ratio, larger and better quality display (see DisplayMate), time of flight sensor, an entire desktop experience with DEX over USB C, also it actually has USB C.  I'm sure I'm missing things but that's a start.... bring on the sad "BUT IOS IS THE ONLY OPTION" ignorance to try and defend this affront by Apple. 
    The last Samsung I had was an S9 Plus. At the time I fell for the “Hardware Superiority” argument too, and sure - everything you say is true (on paper). But I still sold it after just 6 months. (Trade in is also a lot lot less for androids of any brand) 

    Android, and in particular Samsung’s implementation is just not as polished, consistent or reliable enough to justify it being a premium replacement of a top end iPhone. The cameras were also - to be frank , not that good.  And I actually missed iPhone specific things like iMessage too. 

    The final straw was when the phone started playing me an advert for crypto when it was locked and in silent mode. No idea what triggered the ad. Didn't seem to be browser related. Didn’t trust it after that. 

    I can’t remember how much Gb of ram it had , but I suspect it would have been just as fine with 1/2 the amount like my friends OnePlus. Specs just for the sake of it don’t impress me now. Apple’s premium phones are just exceptional, even if expensive. 

    Leason learned. Went back to Apple. Never been happier. 
  • iPhone's Q1 2019 share of EMEA market lowest in five years

    I live in the UK. I remember the golden period when just about everyone in my extended family were getting themselves a new iPhone (around the time of the 6S and 7). 

    This last 2 years only a fraction upgraded to the X or XS series. A couple went to Android. Most stayed with their 6S or 7. 

    three obvious reasons:

    1. New phones just too expensive
    2. No features on new phones justify the price
    3. Current phone works fine. 

    I did upgrade and love my XS. But it’s not worth a grand!  Wife thinks I need my head checked for spending so much on a phone (she is a happy 7 user). 

    So I fully believe it when the EMEA market share looks poor. 
  • MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro: which one is right for you?

    Sadly none are the best for me either. 

    Too many compromises on each model for the relatively exorbitant prices. 
    Bad keyboards, limited ports, a difficult to explain poor choice in screen (Air) - quite dim, price options for upgrading memory and disk are daylight robbery. 

    After much deliberation ,my 2013 MBP isn’t getting upgraded any time soon. 

    Im not sure Apple and I see the future the same way any more. But hey, they seem to be selling lots of them to the coffee shop crowds. 

    People can can dismiss the keyboard issue but nobody can deny there are a volume of people who hate it. (And for Apple to ignore them says one thing plus the fact there are a volume of people making noise about the keyboard also tells you it’s a polarising design - no computer maker should want or have to keep justifying a keyboard design choice- no other vendor has to like Apple does. Wish they could admit their mistake here.  )

    Good article though. Appreciated the comparison.  
  • Compared: 2018 MacBook Air versus 13-inch MacBook Pro and 2017 MacBook Air

    Went to see 3 options today in person 
    1. The Air 
    2. The MacBook Pro (is it worth the extra)
    3. A surface laptop 2 (could I switch ?)

    the keyboard on the Air is better than the pro (a little) but not much. I would still “tolerate it” , not love it by a long long way. 

    The biggest problem with with the Air was the screen. No other way to say it.. it was quite a bit dimmer than the pro. Quite noticeable. And quite off putting when the cost is almost as much as the pro. 

    Build quality wise I preferred the Air design over the pro. 

    The keyboard on the surface laptop was superior to both Air and Pro, and the screen ratio was better too (3:2). High res as well so no issue there.  Slightly more reflective screen but noticeably brighter than the Air. It’s ports , whilst older (mdp, usb a, surface connector) actually work better for me as I have no usb C stuff.  Build wise ... better than expected and light ,but nowhere near the prestige level of the Air.  If only it didn’t come with windows. 

    Came away sonewhat undecided. Trade offs on all options which was disappointing . Quite disappointed with the Air’s screen.  Not good when you drop this kind of money... Sigh. 
  • Mac mini 2018 Review: Apple's mightiest mini yet

    While I like this product marginally better than the revised MacBook Air, I feel that Apple is still missing the mark with its price point on the Mini. An existing Windows user should be able to unplug their existing box and plug in a Mac mini at a price that doesn't break the bank. You can get a powerful PC desktop for this price.
    When Apple produced a very-cheap mini for switchers, the complainers said it wasn't powerful enough. Now they've gone more powerful, and the complainers say it costs too much. Do you see the catch-22 here? Anyway, I'd argue the mini is no longer a cheap intro product designed for switchers -- that job was fulfilled by iPods, iPads, and iPhones. This is a small Mac.
    It doesn’t have to be a catch 22. 
    Apple decides the price and spec and could have easily accommated an affordable specification in the line up. 
    But that’s not who Apple are. Ultimately they don’t care about low end switchers. By not having one forces people to pay more or go elsewhere.
    The price of these things buys quite a powerful PC in comparison. People have to decide whether the Mac OS is worth the premium over and above a PC (far more expandable no doubt)

    to sum up apple these days - “for people with boat loads of money, or those willing to consider older tech for slightly less money - eg old Air, older 7 iPhone, older mini”