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  • Apple issues iOS 9.3.6 and iOS 10.3.4 updates for older iPhone and iPad models

    plankton said:
    The 9.3.6 update for the old iPhone 4s does not seem to want to do an OTA download and install.  Just sits with endless download and install message.
    I got around this on my iPad 3 & iPhone 4S by downloading the IPSW files on my PC & installing them via iTunes. This was after iTunes informed me that it needed to upgrade to version 12.8 in order to perform the upgrade. I ignored it (I want to keep the iTunes App Store) & used the local IPSW method, which installed both successfully!
  • Google faces $9 billion in damages after ripping off Java in Android

    bkkcanuck said:
    Rayz2016 said:
    bkkcanuck said:
    I disagree with the Federal Court.  

    API is just the interface (e.g. add(operand1, operand2) - i.e. no implementation to that - and implementation is basically 99%+ of the code).

    Being able to use an API for compatibility purposes is no different than for example Open Office being able to implement the file format for Word.  The need for competition outweighs the argument as an API protected IP.   Google's implementation uses the API (common) and then the implementation code which is probably more than 99% of the code base.  As long as Google did not copy the code itself the API itself should be fair use.  Languages and APIs should not be able to be protected as API.  

    The court has already previously ruled that you cannot protect interfaces for hardware for the purposes of locking out the competition on things like printer cartridges etc.  An API is not much different than the software equivalent.  

    Actually, Google did copy code from Java. That's how the case first got started, but that's not really the point. The Java license permits this as fair use, and many of us have made a good living from Java and have given back by helping out on other projects and with occasional bug fixes. If fork a new version of Java, however, and then make a commercial product based around this fork then you are expected to buy a license. IBM did, and so did Microsoft.
    Please provide some backup for this statement - I have read quite a few articles and the code that was "copied" was always the API (outline) i.e. java.util.BigDecimal.<method> - no implementation code.  

    Identical lines of code don't lie. All available in Scribd online:
  • Investigation finds FBI did not exhaust all options before taking Apple to trial in San Be...

    So it wasn’t just a plot to force tech companies to add back doors.  Rather, it was an incompetent plot to force tech companies to add back doors.  Glad we got that cleared up.  

    Yes, I believe that was the intention all along, and the efforts in this regard are not exhausted yet. A luta Continua... And no-one seems to recall that the company that eventually enabled them to break into the iPhone was hacked from unknown sources months later, vindicating Tim Cook's stand and fulfilling his prophecy!
  • YouTube becomes top grossing iPhone app in U.S. after 8 years in App Store

    That surprising statistic in itself is a striking testament to the awesome power of the disposable income of Apple device users, and its value even to 3rd party app and service vendors... imagine users not bothered by having to pay a higher subscription fee just for the convenience of doing so in-app! Now that's platform power and consumer affluence in the extreme!
  • Apple explains how to fix macOS High Sierra file sharing after security update breaks feat...

    Doomed, I say, doomed...