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  • Sonos cutting support for older devices starting in May

    Wow, people need to relax and dial it back a bit.

    "not supported" does not equal "will stop working".

    There are plenty of products, probably in most of our homes, that are no longer supported but continue to hum along just fine.  I have an old iPod that still plays music just as well as the day it was new (ok, admittedly, the battery leaves a bit to be desired).  My old AppleTV is also on the 'not supported' list, yet I'm still able to stream Netflix and Amazon Prime to my TV thru it without a hiccup.  I'm pretty sure my so-called "smart" TV's stopped receiving updates about a year after purchase.

    Your Sonos will continue to work, too, with the same spec as you bought it.  But, as a 'smart' device there will be things that it can no longer support. This should be expected.  AirPlay2 may require a different chipset, for example.
  • Hands on with the new ARKit Measure app in iOS 12

    SendMcjak said:
    The measuring tape in this video made me think that you were going to compare the accuracy of the Measure app against a real, trusted standard.  Bummer.

    SendMcJak nailed it. When only a highly accurate measurement will work, you will always resort to a proper measuring tool.  There are even times when a tape measure is not accurate enough.  But there's often times when this app will be plenty accurate for what I'm doing.

    I for one am really looking forward to this!
  • Don't run the iOS 12, macOS 10.14 Mojave betas if you value your data

    Wanting to run this awesome cool beta, I googled for and downloaded it from some weird site.  Now, not only is my Mac crashing, but so is every other computer on my network!  Apple broke my network!


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