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  • Apple recruits former Tesla engineering VP Steve MacManus

    focher said:
    Apple is far too slow and deliberate of a company to leap frog Tesla — that’s not a knock of Apple, just worth factoring in when we try to decipher what Apple is up to.
    We don't need Apple to leapfrog Tesla. We need both of them to bring innovation to the legacy car industry.
    - Tesla has. Continues to do so. 
  • How to use NFC to control your home with iOS 13

    jdb8167 said:
    Does the background tapping of the NFC tag work on iPhone 7, 8, and X or just on iPhone XS and XR? I can’t find the information on Apple’s dev pages. The iPhone 7, 8 and X all have NFC hardware and can read and write but previously they couldn’t work in the background and I can’f find information on whether that has changed or not.
    Yes will work with “background tapping” on the 7,8 and X. 
  • Intel lays off dozens from autonomous vehicle program, acquires LiDAR startup

    Lidar is the wrong way to go. High cost, slow, high energy. Not a great application for automotive. Betting against Elon Musk is a bad idea. Landing a rocket is more of a better use for lidar. (Space X). This is not speculative. It's fact. Unless something changes, and someone comes up with a different implementation and much more effecient use of LIDAR between now and then. Highly unlikely. I work with all these systems, daily. Besides Apple is more a Toy company these days. They seldom done well in enterprise, because they have half baked solutions, poor security, non-flexible systems, (does not work well with others). Contrary to what some of Apple's strongest marketing has fed to us for years.
  • Apple being sued because two-factor authentication on an iPhone or Mac takes too much time...

    There is something to this. I seem to remember APple forcing 2fa in order to use all of the icloud services. I think later they relaxed this rule. Make no mistake. There are far worse consequences than Apple losing lawsuits or even being sued over seemingly frivolous things. Think About how frustrated the customer must be to actually carry out this lawsuit. You know it and I know it. Apple's security measures are a major pain in the ass. Faaaaar outreaches it's usefulness. If Apple keeps this up, it will continue to see its userbase shrink/sales fall. iPhone X series phones, homepod, FLOP FLOP.
  • Apple predicted to call 2018 flagship iPhone model 'iPhone Xs Max'

    If they actually call it "MAX" anything, I will know truly Apple is dead.