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  • Google made it hard for users to keep location data private

    gatorguy said:
    Aren't these simply claims made in a lawsuit for now until the case is heard and ruled on? Epic made a lot of claims against Apple in a lawsuit, but that doesn't mean they're entirely true. Another lawsuit claims Apple lied to investors about sagging iPhone shipments, committing fraud. Does everyone accept that's also true?

    While there's almost always at least some smidgen of truth behind every lawsuit at least some of us wait for the full story to be revealed. Allegations in a lawsuit does not make it all true. 
    We know the claims are true because they are all easily and objectively verifiable, and in fact have been verified.

    We also know that Google has a very strained relationship with the truth, so no one trust their new "privacy initiatives" either.

  • Actual US broadband penetration & speed falls far short of FCC claims

    cg27 said:
    Really, imagine that, Alaska doesn’t have coverage in most areas.  Nor Texas in sparsely populated areas.  Go figure.  Come on, let’s apply some common sense.  Companies aren’t going to invest where it’s not justified.

    Also, this is precisely where the SpaceX StarLink Skynet is most apt.
    There, I fixed it for you.
  • Apple's 'M2' processor enters mass production for MacBook Pro

    For all those defending the "Everything Glued together & soldered together" assembly of the MacBooks by saying "Nobody ever upgraded a computer", Andrew just called bull!

    His biggest (only?) complaint about his M1 MacBook Air is that it can't meet his needs because it is frozen in time with what it came with when he bought it -- versus his MacPro which grew and developed with enhancements as his needs, wants and requirements grew.

    Likewise, my 9 year old i7 Thinkpad runs perfectly well and meets all of my needs -- because it's been upgraded to a 500Gb SSD, 16Gb Ram and an internal harddrive used for ongoing, real time backups.  Without those cheap and very simple to install (5 minutes or less) upgrades the machine would have been scrap
    Nah. Expecting to be able to upgrade a laptop is as stupid as expecting to upgrade a tablet. I'm a hardcore tech nerd software dev, and have never upgraded anything other than RAM on a notebook. And now I just get what I need upfront. I have never, ever upgraded the storage or (lol) processor. That may be some DIY hobby thing you're into, but 99.9% of Apple's market doesn't do it. They aren't going to make compromises for the .1%, get real.

    It's appliance computing. Don't like it? Get a Dell.

    Andrew disagrees.
    Who cares.
  • Apple's 'M2' processor enters mass production for MacBook Pro

    For all those defending the "Everything Glued together & soldered together" assembly of the MacBooks by saying "Nobody ever upgraded a computer", Andrew just called bull!
    Who the heck is Andrew and why should I care one bit what he thinks.
  • New iPhone-powered color balance feature compatible with older Apple TV models

    I wonder if it will work with my projector. Obviously the phone would have to face the projector and not the screen. 
    Obviously it won't work with your projector because your projector isn't designed to do this and doesn't have any capability to do it.
    I’m not sure it’s so obvious. The beauty of the solution is that a TV doesn’t need to be designed to do this or have any particular capability. If the system was setup as a back projector (which is probably isn’t) then it could well work as described.
    How would that possibly work? This back projector would have been designed to communicate wirelessly with an iPhone held up to the image the projector produces and adjust its color based on the communication with the iPhone, after having gone through the exact sequence of operations an Apple TV would in this mode? That would have been a remarkable instance of foresight and insight by the projector manufacturer.

    I think it's pretty obvious when you actually, you know, think about it.
    I think you’re missing the point. The iPhone sees the light and tells the AppleTV how to compensate for the peculiarities of whatever screen it is held up to. No other ‘communication’ with the screen needed. 

    Pretty clever when you think about it. 😉
    It might work with a projector driven by an Apple TV if it's rear projection (I doubt it would work with a front projection), but that wasn't how I understood the original question — i.e., there was no mention of Apple TV in the question, just the projector. (I mean, people are asking why the new Touch ID keyboards won't work with devices not designed for wireless Touch ID, so, no, I don't assume they mean a projector driven by an Apple TV.)
    We are in a thread about AppleTV
    Sorry, I forgot, no one ever posts anything even the slightest bit off topic on the internet.