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  • Mouse support over USB-C could arrive for iPad Pro in iOS 13

    And still no local file storage? That is more of a barrier for me than mouse support.
  • Improving on Apple: alternatives to iCloud's 5GB of free space

     And file management isn’t properly covered either. Meh.
    You can say that again. The lack of local file storage on iPad Pro is a serious PITA if one wants to truly use it as a laptop/computer replacement. Large files going up and down to iCloud Drive eats mobile data and forget about it if you are on a plane or traveling to a place with spotty/expensive internet. That said, Apple have done a remarkable job in iOS 11 making iPad more usable as a laptop replacement. I don't see any indication they'll bring it or selective sync in iOS 12 but we still have several betas to go. 
  • Inside iOS 11: Files app brings some user control of documents stored on an iPad or iPhone...

       Setting up a table in MS-WORD for a friend last night, he seemed to believe the only way to get to the file was to open WORD and then look for "recent".   I mentioned that there were other ways, but didn't go into detail.  It just wasn't worth it.   He was able to do what he needed to do.
    This is the type of person iPad is explicitly designed for. However, iPad Pro...that should be another story (but isn't yet. Almost but not quite). I see signals Apple are moving in this direction, so maybe we'll get there...incrementally.
  • First look: Logitech Slim Combo Smart Connector keyboard for 10.5" iPad Pro

    I have this keyboard/case for the 12.9" iPad Pro and just used it on an overseas trip and I love it. The backlit keys are outstanding on a plane, the kickstand gives you a wide range of positions and the pencil holder is great. I have Apple's Smart Keyboard and this keyboard is better. The multiple positions and backlit keyboard are the top selling points for me. Apple's Smart keyboard and silicone case for the back are thinner and lighter, but their functionality is much less compared to this offering. I'm glad I waited for this version. I tested the Logitech Create in-store and didn't like it.