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  • Mouse support over USB-C could arrive for iPad Pro in iOS 13

    And still no local file storage? That is more of a barrier for me than mouse support.
  • Samsung delays launch of Galaxy Fold after review unit screen failures [u]

    But, but, but. Apple is late to the folding phone market. But, but, but Samsung is brave by being first. Really innovators or something. End snark . The crass double standard in the tech press is obnoxious. Had this been Apple there would be screaming headlines of #FoldGate. The stock would have tanked. Calls for Tim's head. This incident just reconfirms my belief that most of the tech press are blathering shills.
  • Apple has destroyed the potential of the Smart Connector on the new iPad Pro

    I think over the 3 or so years I had iPad Pro 1 and 2, I counted two (2) accessories (edit: other than Apple Smart Keyboard) that used the connector: Logitech dock and Logitech Slim Combo case. Am I mistaken? Was there a third?

    If this is a close estimate, then what, really, hath Apple killt? Not much. 
  • Review: Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio is the best option for the iPad Pro, but has too many...

    This review is peculiar. Most of the Apple Smart Keyboard (ASK) reviews I read for iPad Pro 1/2 complained about 1) instability on the lap, 2) the horrible bump in the middle of the fold of the keyboard, 3) the accordion folding mechanism and lack of multiple viewing angles, and 4) lack of travel in the keys. I personally disliked the fact that the keys weren't backlit and that there were no iPad control/function keys. I tried just about every keyboard/case for iPad Pro 1 and 2 and ended up going back to ASK, except on long flights, due to its thinness. I thought I would love Logitech's Slim Combo, and hands down it has the single best iPad keyboard I've ever used. The backlit keys were essential for long flights.The problem is that with its mandatory back cover, it more than doubles the size and significantly adds to the weight. iPad + Logitech Slim Combo was thicker and heavier than my 13 MacBook Pro. Brydge gave no protection to the back and I couldn't use a screen protector. The Logitech K811 standalone keyboard requires a separate cover for the iPad and fewer than half of the function keys, well, function. I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two others that I tried and sent back. 

    When I got my iPad Pro 3 I decided to go with the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio (ASKF) since I so regularly defaulted to the SK on my iPad Pro 1 and 2. Here's why I said this review is peculiar... Apple fixed some of the worst problems with the ASK identified by most reviewers. The ASKF is surprisingly stable on the lap. I use iPads on small to large airplanes. ASKF is much, much better than the ASK for lap use. in addition to the completely flat bottom, the magnets are much stronger and give an overall more stable feel to the unit when in lap mode. The problem of lack of back protection is solved. The horrible folding mechanism is solved. The bump is solved. The lack of viewing angles is somewhat solved (I'd still love a lower "drafting" angle). The keys feel springier, like literally, springs in the keys of the ASKF versus the ASK.

    One of the two remaining glaring problems for me - the lack of backlight and function keys - are really design/weight issues. Were Apple to add backlight, we'd be into the obese Logitech dimensions. Ok. I can give that up. But what is baffling is that there is ample space for a half-sized-key row of iPad control keys (play/pause, home, etc) on the ASKF, but nope, none there. I could understand if all of these functions were replaced with keyboard shortcuts, but they are not. Want an exercise in extreme frustration? Try pausing an iTunes track while working on another app. Or better yet, advance a track. On every single other Apple device it is a simple keystroke or tap. Why is it buried on iPad? You have to swipe down for the control center then play/pause/advance, which disrupts workflow to invoke the control center overlay screen.

    Overall, the ASKF is a giant step forward for Apple's house keyboard/covers. I'm not sure I'll even try the others this time unless someone comes in under ASKF weight/thickness WITH backlighting AND/OR control keys. Maybe there is some wizz-bang coming, but it is hard to imagine an all around better package. 
  • Improving on Apple: alternatives to iCloud's 5GB of free space

     And file management isn’t properly covered either. Meh.
    You can say that again. The lack of local file storage on iPad Pro is a serious PITA if one wants to truly use it as a laptop/computer replacement. Large files going up and down to iCloud Drive eats mobile data and forget about it if you are on a plane or traveling to a place with spotty/expensive internet. That said, Apple have done a remarkable job in iOS 11 making iPad more usable as a laptop replacement. I don't see any indication they'll bring it or selective sync in iOS 12 but we still have several betas to go.