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  • Epic Games CEO slams Apple 'government spyware'

    Kolvorok said:
    Gosh, what a mis-step from Apple, likely to cost them millions... TOTALLY wrong to analyse data on phones without consent. That store of "hashed" data could contain people's faces, it could contain flags, locations, car plates, nudes, screenshots with text... anything a government may be interested in intercepting, imagine Hong Kong right now, Cina, Iran, Hungary or even Western states with a penchant for constantly surveilling and policing their citizens for political reasons... this is UNACCEPTABLE and I will, heavy heartedly, after 35 years of non-stop almost evangelical Apple ownership, have to switch to another phone and/or computer if this function ever came online.
    I’m pretty sure Apple will ask you for consent, if only for legal reasons. If you refuse, you cannot back up your photos in iCloud. That’s apparently the deal. By the way, I do agree with the ‘slippery slope’ arguments.
  • EU planning second try at uniform digital wallet for ID, payments

    red oak said:
    avon b7 said:
    red oak said:

    The EU has become a bunch of lifetime bureaucrats trying to legislate and birth

    That is not how it works 
    That's how it should work - and does work.

    Electronic IDs and passports, digital certificates etc already exist across the EU. 

    I can update the the digital certificates on my ID Card using just my biometrics. I can obtain my digital 'signature' from government for use online etc. 

    These technologies already exist but they are not harmonised across the EU.

    Logically they will be improved upon and integrated but issues that only governments can decide on have to be tackled (and are being tackled). Privacy, security, legislation, enforcement...

    The EU is perfectly able to 'birth' technology and has been doing it for decades. It normally does it in conjunction with partners.

    Here's a recent example :

    Name your Top 3 EU tech companies today 
    This is easy.

    1. ASML (without it, no Apple Silicon!)
    2 and 3: take your pick of Siemens, Bosch, Airbus, Ericsson, Nokia, Atos, Philips, Lightyear, Thales

    I am sure there are more, but this should suffice for now.
  • Hyundai and Kia confirm 'Apple Car' talks have ended

    loopless said:
    So much for going to the Apple website and clicking on the AppleCar product section.  I'm sure Elon Musk is laughing harder now than when he became the richest man on the planet.  It's already game over for Apple when it comes to EV sales.  I can understand why Wall Street is going to put most of its money into Tesla rather than Apple.  Big investors are far more excited over EVs than smartphones because share gains will be much higher for Tesla than Apple.  EVs have replaced cloud storage as the low-hanging fruit for making unlimited revenue.  Apple has now missed out on both.  For every Tesla Model S Plaid Plus sold, Apple will have to sell 100 iPhone 13 Pro Max units.  Apple shareholders are not going to be happy with that thought.  Tesla has now secured the necessary investor mindshare to permanently have a P/E of 1400.  Apple will struggle to hold a P/E of 40.  Musk wins again as the CEO with the Midas Touch.
    The problem is that Tesla makes very few cars and only makes a profit from selling carbon credits. They also have some very serious competitors now. VW just sold 121,000 EV’s and many PHEV’s. The ID3 is now the second best selling car in Germany behind the Golf. And Ford, GM, BMW, Mercedes, PSA and the Koreans are about to release various EV models. Sell that overvalued Tesla stock now.

    Betting against Elon Musk is a bit like betting against Tom Brady because both have variety of weapons at their disposal and neither likes to lose.
    Well, Loopless is right though. Tesla's market share in Europe is rapidly dwindling, and most of the Tesla's on the road here in my (European) home country were basically bought because of tax credits. Now that these tax credits are about to disappear (everyone is going electric anyway) Tesla is already taking a serious hit. Tesla is now building a big factory near Berlin, and I am interested to see how well it will perform. I have already read some stories about Tesla not allowing unionization of its employees, but I believe that that position is legally not tenable in Germany. Someone in the know might enlighten us on that.
  • Nobody will win the Apple versus Epic Fortnite battle, not even consumers

    kmarei said:
    igorsky said:
    The day I get to dictate what price I pay to sell stuff on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, Walmart, a flea market, etc. to the owners of those marketplaces is the day I side with these developers.  Until then they can all take a flying leap.
    But this is not something you are buying from amazon, eBay etc. 
    this is an accessory to what you bought from them

    Buying v-bucks in fortnite has absolutely nothing to do with apple
    doesn't go through their servers, doesn’t need to be checked by Apple like apps, requires zero effort from any Apple employee. So what am I paying Apple $3 for when I buy v-bucks? What service am I getting for that?
    I believe this to be incorrect. As far as I understand, Apple actually takes care of the payment processing, also for in-app purchases.
  • EU may force Apple to make iPhone battery replacements easier

    A future version of the iPhone or iPad may have a removable battery compartment, a leaked proposal from the European Union may demand, one that could force Apple into a major redesign of the high-selling smartphone, if it ever gets approved. 
    I am a native Dutch speaker and I have read the article in Het Financiële Dagblad, and nowhere it is suggested that Apple or other smartphone makers could be forced to produce phones with user-replaceable batteries. Frankly, I am not even sure whether that is what the EU is aiming for here... The EU sure wants to have a more circular economy (laudable, in my opinion), but the article leaves open other ways of increasing lifespan of phones and other electronic gear. In any way, with the advent of solid state batteries, the point might be moot anyway.
    mr. hMplsP