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  • Nobody will win the Apple versus Epic Fortnite battle, not even consumers

    kmarei said:
    igorsky said:
    The day I get to dictate what price I pay to sell stuff on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, Walmart, a flea market, etc. to the owners of those marketplaces is the day I side with these developers.  Until then they can all take a flying leap.
    But this is not something you are buying from amazon, eBay etc. 
    this is an accessory to what you bought from them

    Buying v-bucks in fortnite has absolutely nothing to do with apple
    doesn't go through their servers, doesn’t need to be checked by Apple like apps, requires zero effort from any Apple employee. So what am I paying Apple $3 for when I buy v-bucks? What service am I getting for that?
    I believe this to be incorrect. As far as I understand, Apple actually takes care of the payment processing, also for in-app purchases.
  • EU planning second try at uniform digital wallet for ID, payments

    red oak said:
    avon b7 said:
    red oak said:

    The EU has become a bunch of lifetime bureaucrats trying to legislate and birth

    That is not how it works 
    That's how it should work - and does work.

    Electronic IDs and passports, digital certificates etc already exist across the EU. 

    I can update the the digital certificates on my ID Card using just my biometrics. I can obtain my digital 'signature' from government for use online etc. 

    These technologies already exist but they are not harmonised across the EU.

    Logically they will be improved upon and integrated but issues that only governments can decide on have to be tackled (and are being tackled). Privacy, security, legislation, enforcement...

    The EU is perfectly able to 'birth' technology and has been doing it for decades. It normally does it in conjunction with partners.

    Here's a recent example :

    Name your Top 3 EU tech companies today 
    This is easy.

    1. ASML (without it, no Apple Silicon!)
    2 and 3: take your pick of Siemens, Bosch, Airbus, Ericsson, Nokia, Atos, Philips, Lightyear, Thales

    I am sure there are more, but this should suffice for now.
  • Epic Games CEO slams Apple 'government spyware'

    Kolvorok said:
    Gosh, what a mis-step from Apple, likely to cost them millions... TOTALLY wrong to analyse data on phones without consent. That store of "hashed" data could contain people's faces, it could contain flags, locations, car plates, nudes, screenshots with text... anything a government may be interested in intercepting, imagine Hong Kong right now, Cina, Iran, Hungary or even Western states with a penchant for constantly surveilling and policing their citizens for political reasons... this is UNACCEPTABLE and I will, heavy heartedly, after 35 years of non-stop almost evangelical Apple ownership, have to switch to another phone and/or computer if this function ever came online.
    I’m pretty sure Apple will ask you for consent, if only for legal reasons. If you refuse, you cannot back up your photos in iCloud. That’s apparently the deal. By the way, I do agree with the ‘slippery slope’ arguments.
  • Epic Games wanted a special deal for 'Fortnite' on the App Store

    I, for one, would like to have at least the option to side load an alternate app store on some of my iOS devices. Sure that would possibly compromise their security but I will just be playing games on them, so I am not sure it matters really. Keep trying to convince me that I don't know what I want. That's what Apple thinks.
    If you are so adamant that you know that the apps you want to side load are safe then just jailbreak your device.  

    Apple’s walled garden isn’t something new, and based on all of the exploits that some foreign governments are using to gain access to a device is proof why Apple will never allow side loading. 

    You want security and privacy until it’s an inconvenience for you. You can’t have it both ways.

    Like others here have stated ad nauseam, the fact that other platforms where you can buy apps and games have similar agreements, but they are not under fire and that proves that Apple is being singled out to extort money under the guise to make things more “fair” between device manufacturers and developers. 

    If Apple’s iOS is so advanced and secure as they make it out to be, side-loaded apps can perfectly well run in a secure container and not go outside that digital sand box.

    In fact they already allow this “side-loading” in a way: for companies with an enterprise distribution profile.

    This is just about Apple’s fervent attempts to guard its cash cow. Nothing more, nothing less.

    As Nick Cybart (per Rayzr2016's post here) has pointed out, Apple App Store is not making Apple a lot of money, if any. I believe Apple itself has stated in the past that they hardly earn money on the store, and say so to same effect in their opposition. I quote: "Apple does not earn any money through the App Store on its substantial investment in these tools, software and technology until developers bill and collect funds from users who engage in digital transactions with consumers on the store. More than 80% of the apps in the App Store pay no commission to Apple". Cash cow, not so much.
  • Windows on Apple Silicon is up to Microsoft, says Craig Federighi

    Rayz2016 said:
    Rayz2016 said:
    Why would Microsoft want to embarrass themselves (and their ARM devices) by allowing Windows on an M1 MacBook that will massively outperform their own devices?

    Microsoft has never been one to miss an opportunity to embarrass itself.

    But the chap running the show these days much more of a pragmatist. That's why he binned billions of dollars in development and now makes sure their software runs on iOS and Android.

    Actually, Apple and Microsoft have had a long love-hate relationship but eventually almost always working together for mutual benefit.  And, the real winners were us.
    I find it perplexing that Apple is simply laying back saying "Not my problem".   But it is their problem.   Just because they have to work with Microsoft to fix it doesn't mean it's not their problem.

    I'm hoping they drop their childish petulance and work with Microsoft to bring native Windows back to the Mac.   Everybody would win.   There would be no losers.

    You keep throwing this word 'petulant' around, and I'm not sure you know what it means.

    The interviewer asked Apple about Windows support, and Apple replied that it was up to Microsoft, which obviously it is.

    LOL....  I know exactly what the word petulant means.   You might try looking it up.   Or, if you want an example just look at Federighi.

    His response was childish and petulant.   "I'm NOT!    I'm NOT!   I'm NOT (going to clean my room!)"

    Apple changed the environment and now stands back and, without offering to lift a finger says it's all Microsoft's problem (even though Apple created the problem!)

    That's childish and petulant.

    This is getting bizarre. Microsoft is solely responsible for its own software, it is as simple as that. Apple is not in the business of selling Windows crap, in case you haven't noticed.
    As for people who claim that Windows is a necessity: in the research-intensive company I work for, none of the mission-critical software runs on Windows. Those days are really over.
  • Apple now offers Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Mountain Lion for free

    I would just download it for the wallpapers. Is there a gallery at Apple where you can download these? I miss them, and whatever technical improvement Big Sur has brought, I absolutely detest the new wallpapers.
  • Intel to outpace Moore's Law, surpass rivals in 2025, CEO says

    cpsro said:
    ASML might have something to say about this.
    Intel is already a customer of ASML, and has been for over 2 decades actually.
  • Real world iPhone 6s adoption data contradicts Apple supplier channel check rumors

    That pretty much nails it. We see $80 very soon. Every single Apple supplier is reporting weak Dec and March results. 

    "Every single Apple supplier"?  Seriously?  How many suppliers are there?  Can you tell us how many there are and how many you follow closely?
    A few years back there was a list circulating on the Internet that listed literally hundreds of then-current Apple suppliers. Which makes these supply chain rumour 'checks' an act of futility.