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  • Apple Music rival Spotify tops 100 million subscribers, 30 million paid listeners

    If Spotify has 30M paying subscribers and not making a profit, how can you be sure that Apple is making a profit with 15M paying subscribers.  The costs for the streaming infrastructure and software and for the marketing won't be that different, while Apple has only half of the revenue
    There is one difference for Apple - they dont have to pay themselves the 30% tax. so the market is rigged in Apple's favour.
  • Inside iOS 10: Photos Memories will generate slideshow movies automatically

    If what it's done to my Photos (and yes, it's beta 1 etc etc ) is a mark of its capabilities, then Google Photos remains leaps and bounds ahead. It really is very basic.
  • Inside iOS 10: Third-party compatibility opens up Messages to Apple's app universe

    Im going to be honest - I'm 31 and feel like i've suddenly become a pensioner. I dont understand this crazy with emojos and things bouncing about the screen. it seems so pointless and a waste of time. messages, for me, is something which helps me comjunicate quickly by firing little messages back and forth. Not composing a whole drawing /sketch or endlessly switching around emoticons. I honestly kbnow i'm out of touch but , wow, i didn't think i'd hit this stage for a few years within the Apple software world. I'm fine with payment integration and some smart bot type functions which faciliate a task, but all this kiddy stuff.. wow. i feel old!
  • AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule pulled from U.S. Apple Stores

    I remember when my Time Capsule failed.  I took it in, they said "out of warranty, so sorry".  Not impressed and wouldn't buy one again.  Bearing in mind this is a backup device for which they charge far more than the sum of its parts.  Why pay more?
    I have had two Time Capsules fail on me in the past few years. No way that I going back to it.
    Remember the 'enterprise-grade' claim they made on stage? I have to say - my experience wasnt great- failed after about 9 months. Apple offered to replace it but I moved on.
  • AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule pulled from U.S. Apple Stores

    The current gen stuff is now looking antiquated in a market full of more powerful and multi-antenna routers etc. Even ISP's who give them away (or rent them at a couple of euros a month) are starting to beat them