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  • Up close and hands on with Apple Vision Pro at Apple Park

    fred1 said:
    I find it interesting that they announced a product that won’t be available for nine months at least. More importantly it won’t be released until after the Fall product announcements. Why didn’t they wait until then to announce it? Was it all the buzz going around? Or just wanting to get people excited so they won’t look at what others come up with between now and then? 
    It gives the porn and sex cam industry time to plan and prototype.

    From 8mm projectors to VCR and on… ‘twas ever thus.
  • Wired CarPlay vs. wireless - the pros and cons

    Just to be clear for those unaware..

    Wireless Carplay does NOT stream music or commands over bluetooth.

    Carplay connection is initiated over bluetooth, and then a wireless connection is created between the phone and the carplay device.

    This is why control and music streaming is indistinguishable from a wired connection.

  • Dual USB-C Power Adapter soon to enter mass production

    lkrupp said:
    The only problem with rumors like this is that someone who needs a power adapter may decide to wait it out for a product that may or may not be released. Users were waiting for an M1 based 27” iMac but not only did it not appear, the Intel model was pulled and the 27” iMac is history. I was one of those waiting for the M1 27” iMac. Now I’m left with spending more than I was hoping to for the Mac Studio or settle for the M1 Mini with a 27” monitor. So do I wait for the rumored M2 Mini, settle for the 24” iMac, or continue waiting for a WWDC announcement? One can get trapped by the rumor mill with no happy way out.
    Or you can purchase now (and for quite some time already) a GaN charger from someone else...

    I use a Ravpower 65W charger - has one USB-C port for charging my Macbook, and one USB-A which i use with a 3-in-1 cable for charging lightning (iphone, ipad etc), usb-c (wireless earbuds), and micro-usb for my Kobo Ereader. One charger for any/all of those items.

    They also do a 100w version with 2 Usb-c ports amongst other options
  • Intellidash Pro review: The easiest way to add wireless CarPlay to your ride

    loopless said:
    If your car already has CarPlay and you just want the convenience of wireless CarPlay then Carplay2air is a great solution. Works flawlessly in my VW. By the time I have the car started, seatbelt on and ready to back out, CarPlay is up and running. And my iPhone is still in my pocket.
    And it has a USB out port so you can connect a Qi charging pad to it. Just check if your car is supported- And it’s about a third of the price of this intellidash screen thing…