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  • Up close and hands on with Apple Vision Pro at Apple Park

    fred1 said:
    I find it interesting that they announced a product that won’t be available for nine months at least. More importantly it won’t be released until after the Fall product announcements. Why didn’t they wait until then to announce it? Was it all the buzz going around? Or just wanting to get people excited so they won’t look at what others come up with between now and then? 
    It gives the porn and sex cam industry time to plan and prototype.

    From 8mm projectors to VCR and on… ‘twas ever thus.
  • Wired CarPlay vs. wireless - the pros and cons

    Just to be clear for those unaware..

    Wireless Carplay does NOT stream music or commands over bluetooth.

    Carplay connection is initiated over bluetooth, and then a wireless connection is created between the phone and the carplay device.

    This is why control and music streaming is indistinguishable from a wired connection.

  • Google spending $15B to remain default iOS search engine to block Microsoft

    mobird said:
    Why doesn't Apple help a privacy advocate such as the duckduckgo organization and let them supply the search engine? Apple doesn't need the revenue stream at this point. Wouldn't that partner be more in line with Apple's current privacy stance? Or maybe you have to be in the "Big Tech" fraternity to be considered, or maybe duckduckgo is unable to scale to accommodate such volume for what ever reason...
    All you have to do is go to the  Safari settings on your iPhone and choose DuckDuckGo (or Bing for that matter). It's that easy.
  • Elgato Stream Deck review: A Mac accessory you didn't realize you need

    This is what the Touch Bar should have been. I loved the concept of the Touch Bar but it is massively underused in programs. I hope they add functionality and user customization instead of getting rid of it. 
    It is what the Touch Bar is already - you just need to install Better Touch Tool.


    There's already some preset optons for it to show its power and give you an idea of its uses

    And of course it makes the excellent Touch pad even more powerful, plus keyboard shortcuts and a clipboard manager and more...

  • Next-gen Apple TV could output 120Hz video, beta code suggests

    Japhey said:
    I see zero use for an AppleTV now I have the Apple TV+ app on my Samsung TV.
    What is the device’s purpose other than supporting users that don’t have such a smart TV yet?

    Unless Apple would positioned it more as a console as well, including an exclusive game line-up?
    I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I prefer the UI of my ATV to all the other smart devices in my house. These include tv’s, smart Blu-ray players,Fire sticks, PS4, etc…The UI is just more intuitive to me than those other devices. Also, it’s tight integration with all of my other Apple gear and services, data privacy, Fitness+, and screen savers make it my streamer of choice. After my iPhone, it’s actually my second most used Apple product. It’s not perfect, of course…The TV app is a mess, and the remote’s issues are well documented; but it’s still better than my alternatives.  Still holding out hope for that massive gaming upgrade next gen. 

    Plus Smart TV lack of privacy...
    even then
    ”You can’t stop all data collection without disconnecting the set from the internet, but you can turn off ACR.”

    My “smart” Sony A8 Oled tv is disconnected from any network ( i connected it briefly to update the tv firmware and laugh at the google tv ads that are put on your smart tv screen...), the Atv 4k is great and updated, and i use a Harmony Elite to control tv, Atv, cable box, optical audio switcher and a B&W soundbar - so i don’t need to whine about the Atv remore either.