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  • Amazon, Super Micro executives join Apple's call to retract Bloomberg spy chip story

    tzeshan said:
     The federal agency that regulates media should act now. 
    Hahah!  I’m picking up the saracasm....   I do think Bloomberg is in danger of affecting the landscape.   Freedoms of the press, like speech, were intended for political speech directed at government to prevent tyranny.   I hope Apple, Amazon, others don’t let this story go.  
  • Amazon, Super Micro executives join Apple's call to retract Bloomberg spy chip story

    I don’t see anything influencing Bloomberg into publishing tangible evidence until this impacts their bottom line.  If they stick to their guns, we could see some changes to libel laws or SEC & FTC access to confidential sources and data.
    News agencies are often seduced into reporting rumors.  Bloomberg is usually better than this.

    Damages are easily quantified in the stock price plunge.  We’re talking about 100s of millions.  I don’t see how Bloomberg can “stick to there guns”.  This was supposedly a year long investigation by them that ended in a bombshell report.  They must have planned follow up articles.  The fact we’re getting crickets is damning.  I assume what we’re seeing is already covered by libel laws, but they’re generally ignored when it’s about companies.  A complete retraction seems logical and would probably be good enough for everyone but Super Micro.  

    Bloomberg is probably also looking at a fine by the agencies.  They generally give slaps on wrists...
    I hope this doesn’t come to new laws with government involvement in a free press.  I hope the free market is enough to change the trajectory that Bloomberg (and others) have chosen.
  • Hands on with the 40mm women's Hermes Apple Watch Series 4

    Pink is for girls, blue is for boys  :D 
    I've had the Watch (not the Hermes edition) since it first came out. I have, at this point, 8 or 9 Sports bands of various colors, which I often mix and match, just for fun. Pink is among those colors.

    I think your post is a silly throwback. It's 2018 -- wear the color you like, and move on.
    I was being sarcastic. 
    Yes, I picked up on the dry humor and appreciated it.  Some are a bit sensitive on the trigger.  Oh, can we say, "trigger" anymore?
    There are some really complex and non-obvious norms to follow if someone is trying to be sarcastic in a forum like this. 

    18K posts here and still can’t pick up on the obvious.   Just own it and move on.
  • Storage increases in iPhone XS offers high profits to Apple with minimal production cost

    ireland said:
    Greed alive and well in Cupertino.
    Yes, Apple should be taken private and go non-prof immediately.
  • What happened with Apple's wireless AirPower charging pad, and why

    williamh said:
    Great Scot!  They should have gone with the flux capacitor instead of the flux generator.  They could have simply taken the battery back in time to when it was charged.   ;)
    Perhaps it's the one-point-twenty-one-jiggawatts issue rearing it's ugly head?