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  • Review: The First Alert OneLink smart smoke & carbon monoxide detector is a more affordabl...

    Ra_ said:
    I bought the safe and sound based on the promise of airplay2 support “soon” via update. My mistake. The AirPlay 2 functionality still hasn’t shipped and I can find no update as to when or if (beyond the old claim of “soon”).

     Alexa mishears and thinks we are talking to her many, many times more often than we’ve ever had Siri ‘butt in”, but if you turn off the microphone, then the nightlight glows murder red rather than whatever color/level you’ve set it to and won’t change back as long as Alexa is turned off. Odd thing is first time I disabled the mic it momentarily showed a red glow to indicate mic was off, then went back to normal.

    The app or firmware seem a little flaky. I also get errors polling some of the device details, even though I can set and change other things about the device, access the speaker, etc. Essentially I bought the 2x the price, same functionality (potentially more flaky though) plus a marginal quality manual Bluetooth speaker and a overly active microphone. Not sure I’d buy again, or even extend with the new model. I liked the concept.
    ^^ completely agree with everything in this comment. If enabled, Alexa commands trigger unexpectedly. If disabled, the red light is ridiculous. To keep my wife from killing me, I disabled Alexa and then placed white tape over the lights. I’m not sure how good of an idea placing tape over parts of a smoke detector is, so it’s a temporary fix in hopes of a firmware update... if they ever get around to adding AirPlay 2. Would not buy again and would not recommend. 
  • iPhone XS review: There's nothing excessive about Apple's latest and greatest smartphone

    tzmmtz said:
    Can someone explain what this means and how you go about it? " In fact, sometimes we find ourselves deferring to recording video and using the image capture tool in Apple's Camera app to get the best results". Is this referring to shooting in 4K 60 then somehow extracting a still from that shoot in the camera app?
    When shooting video, you'll see a white shutter button pop up in the lower corner. Tap that and it will capture still images from the video while you record.
  • iPhone XS review: There's nothing excessive about Apple's latest and greatest smartphone

    lkrupp said:
     As with the debut of the iPhone X, if you can stomach the sticker shock...
    It would appear this tired old meme is unfounded as the X Max is outselling the XS in droves. Same old, same old carping about the price of Apple’s products. Get over it Mr. Hughes.
    From the exact same review you are quoting: "Priced at just $100 more than the iPhone XS, we see the iPhone XS Max as a decent value."

    I can assure you I'm over it.
  • Hands on: Mophie's Powerstation Plus XL stands out from the battery pack with built-in Lig...

    adm1 said:
    wow, VERY pricey.

    I use an Aukey 20,000mAh battery pack which has lightning IN & OUT and fast charging - it's only missing the QI charging but at a fifth of the price of this and double the battery size, it's not even an issue.

    At that price, I'm guessing it's not MFi certified.
  • 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro review: Apple's lofty promises are finally realized

    flydog said:
    flydog said:
    Good review!  Accurate, complete and fairminded....

    Based on AI's afiliate advertising at the bottom of the review?

    Do you think this is a hobby?
     I don’t. I think it’s a biased review of a product to maximize advertising revenue. 
    I don’t even work here full time anymore and I make zero dollars, personally, from this review. Your interpretation could not be more incorrect. But whatever.