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  • iPhone XS review: There's nothing excessive about Apple's latest and greatest smartphone

    tzmmtz said:
    Can someone explain what this means and how you go about it? " In fact, sometimes we find ourselves deferring to recording video and using the image capture tool in Apple's Camera app to get the best results". Is this referring to shooting in 4K 60 then somehow extracting a still from that shoot in the camera app?
    When shooting video, you'll see a white shutter button pop up in the lower corner. Tap that and it will capture still images from the video while you record.
  • 6.5-inch iPhone X, 6.1-inch LCD iPhone in the works for late 2018 launch

    Nope!  I'm not buying it:
    That limits the new phones to forcing people to choose between either a high-end X upgrade or a large screen.   To many people like the 6, 7 & 8 sized phones to force them up into ultra-premium to get one.  

    Plus, it's time for an SE update.  THAT should be more interesting than anything else -- there are so many ways to go there -- particularly if/when Apple propagates FaceId throughout its line up.

    Another interesting thing to watch is what happens to the iPad Mini.  For many uses its the perfect size.  But, like the SE, its internals are getting further and further out of date.
    SE update is expected next spring. It won't have an edge-to-edge display — it will be a budget model.
    GeorgeBMacharry wildh2pdoozydozencornchippscooter63
  • Facebook's attempted 'revenge porn' solution: Trust us with your nude pics

    Oh how nice.  We can post comments here but the one yesterday on the locked phone for the Texas shooter was closed because it was too political.  Porn is more appropriate than politics I guess. 
    Commenters have repeatedly shown that they cannot behave or be respectful toward one another or the site when the topic is a hot button political issue. Rather than constantly policing it, we decided to shut down comments on those stories. The comments degrade the quality of the site (we actually got a warning from Google regarding offensive content in the comments), and it is not worth our time. There are plenty of other forums to discuss these matters, including Twitter. It's our house, those are our rules.

    As for this story, I think it's pretty clear that anyone who would post "revenge porn" to hurt someone else is a despicable human being. Anyone here who disagrees with that basic assessment can feel free to let me know and get a swift ban.
    peterharttallest skilfotoformatking editor the gratelongpathmknelsononeof52OutdoorAppDeveloperzroger73macseeker
  • As Apple prepares premium-priced 'iPhone 8,' luxury smartphone maker Vertu collapses

    "known for extremely expensive devices made with high-end materials"

    Except it ran Android.
    Even worse, it ran Nokia's Symbian until 2012.
  • 'iPhone 8' to enter mass production in mid-Sept., launch alongside 'iPhone 7s,' come in 3 ...

    The numbering confusion makes me wonder if Apple is going to call the premium iPhone something other the the iPhone 8. The iPhone Pro...🤔
    Yes, I too believe there is very little reason to call the 10th anniversary model "iPhone 8." What I am wondering is why tech journalist are so inclined to call it "iPhone 8" when there is little reason to do so... 
    I'd feel like an asshat calling it "iPhone 8" when I have soooo much doubt about said nomenclature. Tech journalist perform weird mental gymnastics with logic.  
    We've looked into it, and the number of people searching for "iPhone 8" vastly, vastly outnumbers the alternatives ("iPhone X," "iPhone Pro"). Until Apple gives the product an official name, or until some marketing materials leak with the name, we'll be sticking with iPhone 8.
    king editor the grate2old4funfastasleepdoozydozenbb-15
  • 2021 Apple TV 4K Review: Seeking a blockbuster, given a Band-Aid

    jwdawso said:
    Another Neil article where he has no clue who AI and Apple customers are. 
    If you, the reader, think AI "core" readers are the "typical" Apple user, you're really mistaken in that regard.

    For instance, if you think that, then you think that nearly the entire Apple user base wants a Mac mini tower, with PCI and PCI-E storage. The reality is, almost nobody outside the "core" AI readership gives a single crap about it. In fact, most prefer thin and light everything, instead of the constant cry that we get here for a shitload of ports, and thick to support that.

    Reviews like this have to appeal and apply to the larger audience, and not just the AI "core." Related to this, we've turned off comments on tips, because of ridiculous comments like "Why did you write this, this is obvious" -- when it really isn't to most.

    The AI "core" is 30% of our total readership, and dropping, as Apple's reach grows and we grow in readership. We're not abandoning that core, but there is zero chance we're going to ignore the other 70%.
    Almost any Apple customer (AI reader or not) who already owns a 2017 Apple TV 4K has very little reason to upgrade to this model. If you own a pre-2017 Apple TV and want to stay in the ecosystem, or you're new to the platform, and you don't want to use a device that spies on you, sure, you'll be happy — but you waited four years for this? Reviews shouldn't exist in a vacuum, and this device needs to be compared to the four-year-old previous-gen model.

    The new hardware is a borderline non-update, aside from the remote.
  • Samsung is sole supplier of costly 'iPhone 8' OLED, putting Apple in 'urgent need' of alte...

    Seems like a lot of speculation and not much else. Why do rumor sites give this guy so much attention?
    Because he has been the first to accurately report on many upcoming hardware decisions, including the expected OLED screen, glass back, and facial recognition capabilities of the "iPhone 8" way back in March of 2016:


    And the 10.5-inch iPad Pro back in August of 2016:


    And the new 9.7-inch entry-level iPad in January of this year:


    And the (alleged) $1000-and-up pricing of the "iPhone 8" this February:


    And the features and capabilities of HomePod in March:


    Is his track record perfect? No, it's not. But nobody else out there provides, in terms of quantity, more accurate information on Apple's hardware pipeline than Ming-Chi Kuo. Not Gruber, not Gurman, not anyone else.
    wonkothesanemacky the mackylolliverfirelockmuthuk_vanalingamgatorguy
  • Despite Thunderbolt, iPad to Mac communication is still a mess

    rundhvid said:
    Big Hint: the M1 iPad Pro comes with a USB-C cable for connecting to Macs. 
    I have M1 iPad Pro. The cable is meant for charging, not data transfer. Not all Thunderbolt/USB-C cables are created equal. I also use it to connect to MacBook Pro for Sidecar because MacOS recommends it. And it works fine as Sidecar.
    It doesn’t.
    Sidecar is enabled by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
    You can verify this by switching the cable from your MBP to a power adapter.
    When it’s connected (and works), SideCar operates over USB. It will automatically switch back to Wi-Fi if the USB cable is disconnected (you’ll get a prompt on the iPad screen). A wired cable is faster and more reliable… in theory. 
  • iOS 11.2 beta switches on quicker 7.5W wireless charging for iPhone 8 & X

    wood1208 said:
    Is there a table showing how long it takes minutes/hours for 7.5W wireless charging pad to charge iPhone in % like 10%, 30%, 50%, 90%, 100% etc and similar for lightening port adapter (5W, USB-C) ?
    This test was done before 7.5W wireless charging was available, so unfortunately you don't see a difference between the two. But, it's worth noting that 7.5W wireless charging will actually be faster than the 5W wired charger that ships with the iPhones 8 & X.