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  • New Apple TV 4K gets fix for storage space bug

    williamh said:
    This temporary issue has undoubtedly caused incalculable damage to several people who may not even own AppleTV 4k but who nevertheless are representing all of us and are in the process of obtaining legal representation right now as I type.
    Well perhaps some people overpaid for the device that was promised to have much more memory, but in fact it was sold with non usable hardware for premium price.

    It does not matter who reported or complained. Some people wanted to buy 4K as upgrade and they needed to take action to get Apple arrogant people to fix that storage issue. 

    I know for fact how Apple testing culture is internally as having friend in their development team who left them not that long ago. He stood really hard to complacent and arrogant managers who did not want to change to improve. Now Apple, may reconsider rehiring him as he is an expert working on autonomous cars in Silicon Valley large projects run by competitors. I bet they accepted his ways there.
  • Twitter staff nearly decimated by Musk's 'extremely hardcore' demand

    jungmark said:
    I wish I had 44 billion to waste by killing a company. 
    Then you are a fool. Musk does not want to kill it. Now may be a time to join Twitter. No more freeloading in the company.
  • You could walk a mile in Steve Jobs' shoes, if you win this auction

    That is called occultism. It is curable however... mostly by psychiatrists.
  • EU finalizes charger rule forcing USB-C on iPhones in 2024

    blastdoor said:
    "We all have at least three mobile phone chargers at home. Looking for the right charger, either at home or at work, can be quite annoying,"

    All of my mobile phone, tablet, keyboard, trackpad, and AirPod chargers use lightning. All of those lightning chargers and cables will go in the trash once I start having to buy devices that use USB-C rather than lightning. So at least in my household, e-waste will be going up as a result of this law, not down. 

    Historically, the real problem with chargers and cables was in the non-Apple world, with all the goofy and pointless variations. I suppose this law/rule will help with that situation, but I think it does more harm than good for Apple customers. 

    And who told you you are majority in this world. Unfortunately Apple mobile devices are not majority of market in EU and in other parts of world. Do not judge the rest of world based on your own yard.

    And yes I still have that old junk Apple cables with wide connector for their first generations mobile devices. I did not complain when they switched to Lightning or when they ditched that Firewire/IEEE1394 to replace with USB that was supposedly inferior to theirs and so much fought for by Apple cult fans. Yet we are on USB and USB-C is just the next logic step with all what Apple does.
  • Tony Fadell wants to see iPhone move to USB-C

    chadbag said:
    Apple is considering the technology.  Which is why they’ve resisted USB-C.  

    Lightning does need to be updated to support higher data speeds and charging rates.  But USB-C and it’s lousy connector isn’t it. 
    Is it? So why did they decide to change to USB-C in the MacBooks if it is lousy?