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  • Oral-B debuts three new iPhone-connected iO smart toothbrushes

    What else do you need instructions with in your life? iToilet paper next? Good luck.
  • Three more 'Apple Car' engineers leave for aviation startups

    Electric Air Taxis = Richie Rich clientele and ridiculously over-inflated market caps for a product that has very limited use cases. In other words, the engineers are just chasing some easy money. 
    Nevertheless it is clientele. In fact there is investment company that started this few years ago and it makes those flights social meet venues between people who can afford it. I believe this company is still in Florida. I tried to get job with them in engineering. There may be market for this. Not all solutions are for general population and we have to respect that.
  • Time Machine backups causing issues for some Apple Silicon Mac users

    Time Machine had already problems starting from Catalina on Intel 2 years ago. It could not do first backup after migrating to new system and it took for some people days to do it. I suspect that Apple engineering forgot that indexing should be disabled during this period of time or at least user should be notified about need for it. A lot of things happening in backgrounds including mysterious error codes on popup window  just like in old Microsoft Windows. If you ran out of support you are stuck, but some people post solutions on external forums. One of those is you have to disable some feature temporarily on one particular model in order to have update working. Apple does not seem to be in control of QA and the only people say is "buy new one", "it is so ancient". well there you go if you treat things with this attitude and not criticize Apple you will end up with problems on brand new Apple computers and devices. You got what you asked for.
  • Some SD cards not working with 2021 MacBook Pro, users report

    In general this seems to be OS problem like we have seen before. Many years ago even standard USB had problems in Mac OS X. So nothing new here in macOS. Backward compatibility with technology lacks with Apple. The funny part is that you take their hardware and install fresh Linux desktop software and all those peripherals that did not work with macOS start working right away suddenly. Seriously, I have checked that myself reusing some Apple hardware. Still good to go and while Apple does not support it others do. 
  • Some SD cards not working with 2021 MacBook Pro, users report

    crowley said:

    SanDisk 1TB card for me, bought direct from SanDisk.  Just doesn't appear in Finder sometimes.
    What format? APFS, HFS+, FAT32, exFAT, ntfs, ZFS, XFS, BTTR?

    When it doesn’t show up in finder does disk utility see it?  If so, you should be able to mount it from there.
    It does not matter. The new macOS has notorious problems with discovering cards or even flash drives. They could be HPFS and still have issues. I have seen that. Similarly, the problems exist with flash drives. You take the same to Linux computer based on old Mac hardware (including HPFS formatted drives) and it just mounts them no matter what.