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  • Apple's $4,999 all-in-one iMac Pro launches Thursday, Dec. 14

    lkrupp said:
    For me personally it would be like buying a fully loaded Ford Shelby GT just to go to the grocery store. Not that I wouldn’t like that but for home use it would be a bit overkill. I’m hoping this machine finds a home with professionals, not the faux professionals who blather on here about ports and towers and such but real professionals who would put the machine to good use.
    Professionals will not use Apple display - it is below quality and precision required by professional publishing and design. We run design shop.
  • Voters shoot down human rights committee proposal at Apple shareholders meeting

    It is commercial business - not activism. Take it elsewhere.
  • Google really is evil, claims ex-employee lawsuit

    "At the time, the CBP was caging migrants and separating parents from children, but Google had decided to sell cloud computing software to the agency."\

    Really? Maybe you should check facts. It started with CBP orders in Obama era. Nobody seemed to care long before 2019 or even 2016. Also as many DNA tests showed, most of those adults were not relatives and only used children for trafficking. That is why they were separated from adults for their own safety and not in cage but in well equipped children centers. The material was published when some visited those centers, but media seem to go with different political narrative skipping facts. What acting AOC in front of "cage" made impressions on people? She is a good actor too.
  • Analyst says Apple may forego Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter for new iPhones

    Start supporting input (not just output) from other vendor dongles and I do not care. No I will not wear those "earings" because I do not like to stuff my ears with some devices plus they leak sound like sieve. I prefer quality over ear stuff - not fashinable gadgets.
  • Theoretically, you can upgrade RAM & SSD on your M1 Mac mini, but you shouldn't

    lkrupp said:
    tylersdad said:
    So, in essence, if you don't have the extra funds to pay for additional RAM or drive space and you want to upgrade those at a later time, you're out of luck. 

    No thanks. 
    Then you’ll be leaving the Mac platform shortly, right? Because this is the future of the Mac. 

    Yes I will. The last macOS is with Catalina. So I asked friend who left Apple development at Cupertino about 2 years ago. He said the same. He is on his last Mac. In fact you can get now Linux desktop computer that has everything that macOS has including store for apps that you can install from. It works the same as on mac computers and in fact even better because apps downloaded outside integrate with App Store installer at the moment you start installing app instead bothering you with notorious and dumb questions if you want to start downloaded application (I have disabled that "security" check option from Catalina permanently). Most of remote work applicatuions including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Citrix client, Amazon Workspaces, Slack and many others work on Linux desktops natively now (yes now manufactirers brought them to Linux) and if something does not work you can always run Windows version of software using Crossover emulation layer (or WineHQ if you want to experiment and tweak). Apple macOS e-mail client sucks like hell with its limitations comparing to eM Client that runs just like that on Linux and natively on macOS and Windows 10.

    In fact, you can get nowadays ASUS small footprint 8 core AMD computer - something Apple should have considered before making not oso wise decision on going M1 - that does not have Spectre or Meltdown security issues and outperforms majority of computers on the market including Apple M1. It also takes Linux Mint that resembles Windows 10 interface and if you want other proven desktop and setup looking almost exactly ike macOS then you can get Ubuntu and reconfigure it. It is more secure without gimmicks applied by Apple on SSD, EFI and proprietary hardware. On top of that it runs 4 4K monitors at the same time or 8K. All other newest protocols and all shebang that Apple will be coming probably soon with, but after AMD.

    Guess what in experiment i installed Linux Mint 20 on old MacBook Air from 2011 on replaced SSD (Samsung 860 EVO) installed in that old unsported mac and it seems to run better than macOS without complaining about hardware, no support or speed issues and freezing apps.
  • YouTuber wrecks car to test iPhone 14 crash detection

    starof80 said:
    dchender said:
    Essentially useless features as in modern cars (at least in the EU) it's been a legal requirement, that they call emergency services after the crash is detected. Together with the essentially useless satellite emergency call (at least outside US), this years iPhone introduction was quite useless.

    That is an EU and not a US requirement then.  In last two years have purchased several recent model year vehicles and none have this capability without excessive additional monthly fees - for instance OnStar starts at $25/month. So at least here in US this feature seems useful.
    Exactly. Unfortunately unlike other parts of the world when it comes to implementing safety laws that use technology the US is lagging behind.
    If you need more laws and regulations you can always move to other places. Nothing is free. Live in California. They have interesting approach to laws and taxes and we know outcomes.

    Safety is not enforced by law. It is best served as consumer requirement and market competition. If you create laws then you create liability on technology that may not be reliable because of elements of environment that are not dependent on manufacturer or consumer. Can you still imagine that notifying emergency services may not work because transponder was damaged as result of accident? Think about it. It is good feature, but it should never be mandated the same as tracking speed of vehicle (I was personally in incident that I was saved when I accelerated suddenly above speed limit to avoid deadly crash and braking would guarantee that I would have been victim).
  • Google really is evil, claims ex-employee lawsuit

    auxio said:
    red oak said:
    All of these millennial or Gen Z snowflakes are torpedoing their careers.  They are going to wake up 10 years from now wondering how the f* everything up so bad 
    God forbid anyone actual cares about anything except themselves.  I'm hoping the movement towards ethical Capitalism, which there's a fair bit of support for even at the investor level these days, gains some momentum from cases like this.
    Bare minimum is enough. Excessive stress and we end up in socialism. I lived in it so, do not get me started. The outcomes are terrible on human lives so, as they say about something else "good socialist is..." I am not going to finish, but you can guess. And as far as ethical Capitalism that is what Carl Marx should have done instead of his dumb pile of garbage he wrote in "Capital" and published in 1853 just after capitalist revolution took place  around the world and it did not have human face for many decades. then 20 century came with tens of millions dying form socialism of different forms starting from national socialism (Nazi) in Germany.
  • Apple execs explain the design philosophy behind Apple Watch bands

    I am just working on finding out design philosophy of my shoe laces. I know they are special as I discarded original once and they have special construction and shape to help with loosening tie when walking and doing footwork (seriously you can buy them on Amazon). But I still wonder philosophy that one can make for them...
  • One million Facebook users had passwords stolen by fake apps

    What's Facebook?
  • Twitter staff nearly decimated by Musk's 'extremely hardcore' demand

    jungmark said:
    I wish I had 44 billion to waste by killing a company. 
    Then you are a fool. Musk does not want to kill it. Now may be a time to join Twitter. No more freeloading in the company.