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  • AirPods swallowed by UK TV presenter in vitamin mixup

    crowley said:
    The Nintendo Switch cartridges are coated in a bittering agent to discourage children from sucking on them.  Maybe Apple should do the same for AirPods to stop real estate celebrities from swallowing them amongst their fistfuls of prescription drugs.
    Haha Maybe apple needs to make earwax removal harder or impossible and we can call it a feature on a new AirPods Limited Edition. 
  • Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard in $68.7B gaming deal

    My main concern is future mac support. iOS marketshare is big enough and microsoft doesnt have its own mobile platform, but its not the case with mac and windows/xbox. Historically blizzard has been pretty good with using new technologies like metal, the new M1… and we know how bad Microsofts trackrecord has been when it comes to apps for the mac. They were the last big developer to go native with intel if i remember right…

    The announcemenet of gamepass inclusion is also concerning. Changing playerbase has its own effects on games, not to mention possible forced xbox implementations…

    I really hope they wont ruin a reliable mac developer and some awesome games in the long run. 

  • What to expect from the 'iPhone Fold'

    I might be alone, but i think it makes more sense to make a foldable iPad and leave the iPhone form factor alone. Its simplicity, durability, one handed use would only suffer not to mention weight etc. In a bigger device there would be more space for a folding mechanism, wouldn’t require an outer display for one handed closed operation, calls…

    My main problem is the durability of any plastic screen we’ve seen so far. Until it doesn’t come close to glass or they don’t implement their self healing display to negate the disadvantages i don’t see it happen in any shape or form. Even then it introduces more and new points of failure to any device whats famed for their longevity and durability. 

  • Microsoft Windows team wants iMessage on Windows devices

    Microsoft knows they are left behind. The era of MSN messenger are over and even the purchase of Skype can't keep them where they want to be. Internet access moved from desktops to mobile and Microsoft had no relevant offering.

    It won't happen. They just want to seem like the cool side for being willing to work together. While (in my opinion at least) iMessage on windows would just compromise its security and then we didn't even talk about different views of privacy, advertising... between the 2 company.

  • Dell XPS 13 9370 vs. Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro, the ultimate comparison

    WTF "that grip is too tight to get out of..."

    The Dell looks cheap sacrificing usability for the dumb small bezel design with bad speakers, much lower resolution dimmer display and Windows. There is no grip too tight or ecosystem nonsense. Its just not a better overall notebook even when both running windows.

    I hate when people act like they are the victim of apple's ecosystem. Especially when its used as an excuse.... 
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