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  • Tesla, BMW don't appear to be gearing up to join Apple's new CarPlay vision

    "According to statistics published by Apple, 79% of U.S. car buyers wouldn't even consider purchasing a vehicle without CarPlay". Wow! If this is true then the US car market is certainly different to that in the UK. I presume the people surveyed were those owning or actually able to buy cars; do 79% of car buyers even use iPhone over Android?

    In the UK, factors like running-costs, safety, cabin and boot (trunk) size figure alongside comfort and driving-pleasure. ICE is certainly a factor but as likely to appear as a desire for Bluetooth, SatNav and access to music.

    I have a (much-maligned) BMW with CarPlay. BMW has never (to my knowledge) charged a recurring fee for CarPlay in the UK: my car came with it as part of a spec-upgrade package. I'm not impressed personally - perhaps it's BMW's implementation but it only uses about 75% of my display's width and it barely exploits the iDrive controller's versatility. Navigation is little better than the BMW-native system (that includes real-time traffic status) though messaging and other less essential apps are clearly superior.

    It's worth mentioning that I do not like touch-screens in cars. They implicitly need the driver to look at them to place their fingers on buttons etc whilst a joystick-style controller (eg iDrive) can just click from one control to the next and then press them using a physical button that's always in the same place. The driver's eyes stay on the road for much more of the time: that's a good thing whatever you think of the stereotypical BMW Tesla driver.
  • Apple's Self Repair Program toolkit - Hands on with what's inside

    crowley said:

    Not sure what’s so disgusting about flat head screws, but meh, whatever floats your boat.
    A major selection criterion will be something that simplifies/speeds assembly in mass production. Flat heads are less good at self/quick location for robots/workers in a hurry and less resistant to slippages, hence damage and increased rejection rates.

    You could also argue that they're also less attractive for device aesthetics but that's a whole new can of worms.
  • US says NSO Group & Pegasus hacking tool are national security risks

    longpath said:
    Never grant the state any power you would not entrust to your worst enemy. This isn’t a hard concept.
    But your worst enemy already has it...
  • US says NSO Group & Pegasus hacking tool are national security risks

    I don't see the logic here. Since these are foreign entities, doesn't that leave the tools and capabilities available to everyone except the US?

    As a foreigner, I would think the US would want, eg, NSA, to have access even if only to develop counter-measures (and the 'I don't trust NSA argument' doesn't work here because, if they're not trustworthy, they'll acquire the tools anyway).
  • Compared: 2021 New 16-inch MacBook Pro vs. 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro

    The size of the notch is interesting as it's bigger than you'd expect just for a camera. Perhaps someone wants software to cope with a notch and not need to change again if the notch size changes.

    I wonder what might fit in a bigger notch.