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  • Ex-Apple Siri chief Bill Stasior now a Microsoft vice president of technology

    Good riddance?
    Feels that way doesn't it.

    Siri should be able to reliably and flexibly do some easily defined and useful subset of functions on, say, iPhone by now. All this "and now read what's on the display" is not only useless, it also discourages use of Siri because you expect to have to pull out the phone and look at it anyway... so you might as well use the touchscreen that you know is going to work.

    The actual speech recognition is really good (I use dictation all the time for messages and E-Mails) but the capabilities behind are rudimentary.
  • Flaw in Zoom's Mac client allows websites to turn on user cameras without permission

    These guys seem to be living in the past, for many years now you've had to put security foremost in networking products even if it does cause the user some extra steps. Misleading the user on installation isn't good either, let alone hidden reinstallation.

    "enabling our users to have seamless, one-click-to-join meetings" cannot come at the expense of exposing the user to unintended/unknown camera or microphone activation.

    I am pleased never to have used the software, they will need a pretty convincing update to satisfy those that have.
  • Latest iOS 13 beta warns users before deleting an app tied to an active subscription

    This is a good move, I agree.

    The dialogue surely needs a Cancel button too though: a likely scenario is that the user didn't mean to delete their app that has a subscription at all, perhaps they meant to delete the app next to it.
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  • Apple finally kills vestigial Dashboard in macOS Catalina

    ednl said:
    What I'll miss terribly is Calcboard, a free form calculator with functions. One keypress away and with a transparent view of the desktop, to see the numbers I need.
    Try Command-Space?

    Spotlight does lots of calculations these days. Example: sin(pi/2)+sqrt(2) works fine.
  • Apple's break-up of iTunes will have little impact on libraries and playback for Mac users...

    Presumably we will still be able to rip CDs too?

    I still buy albums on CD, for a variety of reasons including the obscurity of some, though I almost never listen to them: one rip into iTunes and I have all the convenience of a download. It's also the case, if you're an albums person, that music can be cheaper on CD and sometimes it's even packaged with a worthwhile booklet!