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  • Apple, Qualcomm reach modem licensing deal to end 'no license, no chips' trial

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    My guess is, Qualcomm finally put an offer on the table that dropped the "percentage of phone price" as the determinant of the cost of the chip.  But perhaps the price was higher than Apple would have insisted on had they won at trial, but it was lower than what they had been paying by enough to just end it.

    The details will be interesting though as I believe an in-house chip by Apple was coming within the next year or two.  Does this put that initiative on hold for six years, or does Apple retain the right to put its own chip in a certain percentage of iPhones just like they put Intel modems in a certain amount of them before?
    I think this is closer to the mark than "Qualcomm won, Apple lost". And if it's right, then Apple came out ahead in the medium and long term, while Qualcomm gets to live a while longer. 

    But I'll hold off on any more opinions for now. My go-to source is http://www.fosspatents.com and he hasn't weighed in on this yet.
    He'll be shocked as he's been convinced from the get-go that Apple intended to carry this thru to the end.  
    If that's what he expected, I'm surprised. I check in on what he's saying sometimes, usually when I can't find a filing or when I'm interested in something that I won't be able to find information on myself (e.g., with regard to the judicial proceedings in Germany).

    I thought it was likely that Qualcomm and Apple would eventually settle their disputes, and that it would be more likely that they did once this case and the FTC case were decided. I'm surprised that (if) he thought otherwise. Or did he just think that Apple would see the case which just went to trial (i.e. the one heard by Judge Curiel) through to the end before agreeing to settle?
    The latter. 
    Pure conjecture.
    Well of course, as are your comments. So?
    So what's your problem with waiting to find out more before making conjecture. I've already said I'll hold. You, on the other hand....
    half of this site is people commenting on rumors by one analyst or another. Basically conjecture on conjecture. That's what a lot of people come to this site for - to debate topics with other interested people. 

    Half of this site is comprised of reasonable people making common sense deductions of what’s going on while the other half desperately try to twist things to always have Apple come out in the losing end. 
    ...and a handful people bending over backward to always make Apple come out ahead, to be fair. But yes, it's often difficult to have a rational discussion
    Meh, at the end of the day, two US companies settled their differences so fine.  Which is why I don’t get too caught up in the anti-google or anti-ms stuff.  China and E.U. are the folks that actively attempt to undermine the US economically through theft of IP or theft of money from arbitrary fines of us tech companies.
  • Editorial: Mozilla's anti-Apple privacy petition call is misguided and unnecessary

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    This is what we call a “disinformation campaign,” kids.
    They have a lot of prior experience from ousting Eich.
    Yah, I lost all desire to support them at all after that. Looked at the Brave browser.  Interesting concept
  • Huawei CEO is 'open' to selling 5G chip to 'great company' Apple

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    As long as the Feds have a espionage warning on Huawei, Apple ain't  gonna put Huawei chips in their products. Any attempt will just make the spooks more suspicious.
    The "Feds" don't.   Trump does.  But his propaganda machine could scare people off.
    The "Feds" and the Congress sure do. Going back to at least 2011-12. 

    I am not going to bother with giving you any links, since I have little doubt that you know how to do an internet search.
    And all these years later they still have nothing. Off the record they are even admitting as much. 

    It has been said time and time again, anyone involved in spying doesn't care which hardware is being run.

    If anything, Huawei's products are likely to be more secure as, not only are they scrutinised more but when issues are found, solutions are demanded of them.

    Apple would have more to gain than lose, not least in time to market.
    Groan, you Huawei apologists are back out in force again.

    1) Please send a link on who's admitting what "off the record." Otherwise, delete the post.

    2) "They have nothing"? We'll see when Meng Wanzhou shows up in a US court. (Canada's formally started the extradition proceedings, as you likely know). Until then, I'd advise you to hold spouting off.
    Your link:


    "They have yet to provide hard evidence and, privately, these officials admit they don’t have any. Instead, they frequently fall back on a 2012 House Intelligence Committee report."

    Sound familiar? Same old story. Yes. 'Groan'

    ... you have no "evidence" that Huawei is not acting, nor will act in the future, as an agent of China.
    'you have no "evidence" that Trump is not acting, nor will act in the future, as an agent of Russia.'

    But, fortunately for both Huawei and Trump, that's not how it works.  
    You might want to consider adding something intelligent to the conversation.

    Oh, wait, that might not be possible...
    Since I was quoting you, that might be a correct statement.  A first for you!    Good job!
    Funny thing is, I'm about as far away from a Trump supporter as you could possibly imagine, and yet your constant interjection of Trump into these conversations adds nothing.

    But I repeat myself; you might want to consider adding something intelligent to the conversation.
    I think he was one of those geniuses that used to populate PO that goaded people into infractions by repeated trolling.

    The moderation here is letting him get away with a lot of political name calling.
  • How to live with a Mac mini or MacBook Air with a small internal drive

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    Buying an external drive to make up for the Mac Mini's lack of reasonably-priced internal storage makes it the ultimate dongle and an insult to customers. Go to any Best Buy and you can find a half terabyte internal SSD for under $60. I understand the case with Apple is the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts, but Apple's margin on storage shouldn't be as high as the markup for gold. 
    Stop comparing a $60 SATA Best Buy drive with what Apple puts in their machines.  Not anywhere near the same thing.
    Nvme is down to $80-120 for 500GB for a decent quality drive
  • Huawei may be open to selling its 5G modem, but only to Apple

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    Here's a well considered take on the Huawei 5G problem;


    "The US is engaged in a global campaign to keep Chinese tech companies out of advanced 5G networks promising faster connections, enabling uses such as autonomous vehicles and remote surgery. American officials fear that the Chinese government may force companies such as Huawei to incorporate software code or hardware that would allow Beijing to spy on the US or allies and disrupt sectors ranging from power to transport and manufacturing in a crisis."

    “The most fundamental security standard, really, is that you cannot have this extrajudicial, non-rule of law compliant process where a government can tell its companies to do something,” Strayer said on Monday.


    "Australia, New Zealand and Japan have acceded to US requests to bar Huawei’s 5G equipment. Those allies have also banded together to provide aid to the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea so that they would reject a Huawei submarine cable carrying broadband connections, saying the line represents a national security threat at its connection point in Australia."

    This is absolutely about national security, and not about "protectionism"; the U.S. doesn't have any existing 5G telecom manufacturers, relying instead on the marketplace. Unfortunately for Huawei, those CCP and Chinese Government Connections as well as the legal system that is beholden to the CCP, all are high risks for Western Liberal Governments. 
    So let me get this straight:
    A foreign country who has never attacked us might, maybe, sometime in the future ask one of their companies to reveal U.S. secretes and that company might, maybe do so in that hypothetical future and might maybe not reveal anything to any of their valued customers in the U.S. -- and that constitutes irrefutable proof that they are spies...   

    Meanwhile asking a country who was in the process of attacking us to expand their attack into cyber warfare in order to over turn our election is not collusion.

    Got it.
    They have attacked us.  Read history genius.  PLA units directly attacked US units in the Korean War.
    And, England attacked us...   So we should stop buying anything from England?

    If England was constantly attacking us in cyberspace today then yes.

    In any case you stated that they have never attacked us which is false.  I don’t think that even the Russians have attacked us directly with regular army units.  “Contractors” and “individual volunteers” yes.  Soviet divisions?  No.
    LOL....  You stated China helped a country we were at war with 70 years ago and used that as justification that we should never do business with them again.   I merely pointed out that another country quite literally invaded us, burned our capital, and yet you think that is of no importance or relevance.   It seems you are cherry picking the justification for who you have chosen as an enemy.

    It's a problem with many ideologues:   They come up with the conclusion first and then look for something to justify that conclusion.
    Nope.  You stated "A foreign country who has never attacked us" which is categorically a false statement genius.

    Everything else you're writing is just deflection that you don't know history and stated something completely wrong.  The US and UK are linked in a fundamental way and the War of 1812 was declared by the US, not the UK which was busy in the Napoleonic Wars.  Something else you are completely unaware of because you don't know history.  Genius.  They didn't "invade us", they bitch slapped us with a raid of only 2500 soldiers for being stupid in declaring war on one of the major powers of the world while being completely unprepared and unorganized.  

    On the plus side we managed to recover and not do too terribly badly in such an ill considered war and ended being more trouble than it was worth to actually invade.


    LOL...  ...  "Genius"... So it really was China who attacked our 2016 and 2018 elections?  Or, is it that you simply believe the Trumpian propaganda from the guy living in the house that is painted white -- because the British attacked it and burned it awhile back.  Or, maybe we should talk about his friends in Saudi Arabia who knocked down a couple buildings in New York?  

    ROFL...  yes, "China attacked us" -- in the alternative reality of so called conservatives.

    You need to deal in facts rather then political rhetoric.   In this case, the U.S. is attacking China and its company Huawei with a Russian style disinformation campaign in order to gain political advantage.
    Given how ignorant and arrogant you are I’d have guessed you were the Trump supporter.