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  • Compared: 2019 iPad 7th generation vs iPad Pro vs iPad Air & mini

    I've never understood why the differences in the A series chips is always downplayed with "you won't notice unless they're side by side" etc. when differences in Intel chips in laptops is rarely treated that way. Laptop chips always have the how-many-months-since-the-last-refresh attached to them like it's vitally important to get a next generation chip to run the exact same legacy software people have been running for years and years.
    It's incumbent upon the reader to separate the wheat info from the chaff marketing.    AI's axiom about not noticing without a direct comparison is true and can be applied to almost anything.  What you're describing with laptop chips happens with pretty much every product that has a yearly release cycle... including iPhones with A series chips.  Apple was just touting the %-age improvements of the A13 over the A12.  There's no mystery surrounding why the companies do it.  They want to sell their newest products.  Nothing wrong with that.

    A review or comparison is typically where you'll see the "you won't notice unless..." and it's entirely appropriate for it to be included there.  By and large, it's mostly true.  If I tell you my new app opens 15% faster than my old app it's not going to mean anything without proper context.  My old app opens in 0.5 sec.  So that would mean my new app opens in 0.425 sec.  Without a side by side comparison there'd be no way for you to gauge 15% faster.  More importantly, laptop reviews typically include benchmarks that show the side by side comparions so the argument really doesn't hold up.  
    specs matter now if you are a gamer or want to use multiple apps at a time.  The other spec not discussed is RAM.

    specs matter later when ios15 is slow on an A10 with 2GB RAM and ios16 is not supported for these iPads but are for the ones that have 3GB ram and an a12.

    The mini is likely far more future proof than the iPad.
  • Review: Apple's 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro is an excellent, inexpensive workhorse

    JokingJ said:
    Inexpensive is relative, but... This it ain't it.

    As nice and insular as Apple-land can be, the rest of the personal computing world deserves some consideration when talking about value, and Apple missed the mark big time here.

    Consider that for $1299 USD you can get a Razer Blade Stealth 13 with a 256gb SSD, 16gb RAM, 8th Gen quad-core i7, and with dedicated Nvidia MX150 (not to mention niceties like, you know, other ports or a reliable keyboard). That's a premium laptop from a reputable company that even has Applecare-esque service options available.

    Value doesn't exist in a vacuum, and it's exactly this sort of nonsense that's been pushing would-be "pros" in the Apple space to consider a switch. This underwhelming and over-priced base model isn't changing that, however comparatively "inexpensive" it may be.
    The $1299 version has 8GB RAM (non upgradable), 1080p screen, m2 SATA drive and no MX150.  It only has 1 tb port and not 2 which isn’t nearly as nice if you want to use a egpu and a tb3 raid.

    Since the beginning there have been cheaper windows machines with better paper specs.  

    That’s not even true in this example. 
  • Apple investigating iPhone 6 explosion in California

    MplsP said:
    MplsP said:
    The iPhone 6 is an old model - first released in 2014 and sales stopped in 2016, so the phone is almost 3 years old at a minimum. The article doesn’t say exactly how old the phone was, but from the description, I would suspect that it was a hand-me-down device the kids were using to play games and watch videos. If this is the case, the battery was likely pretty old and may have been ‘abused’ somewhat. I’ve seen plenty of devices for which the battery is dead and kids just leave them plugged in constantly.

    iPhone fires are quite unusual so it makes me wonder if there was other damage and/or a defective charger being used - both of these could lead to the battery overheating. GIven the age, it’s also possible that it had a defective replacement battery installed. Even considering this, though, you never want to have a device explode like this.
    NONE of that is any excuse for a fire.   NONE.   ZERO.
    How is a damaged battery not a reasonable explanation for a fire?
    He’s hyper-critical of apple so any reasoned response is not to be expected.
  • Japan imposes new trade restrictions on Apple's Korean suppliers

    "The 1,200 pages of documents show that South Korea agreed never to make further compensation demands, either at the government or individual level, after receiving $800 million in grants and soft loans from Japan as compensation for its 1910-45 colonial rule."


    "The government has declassified explosive documents relating to the 1965 Korea-Japan Basic Treaty. They show that the government at the time had originally demanded US$364 million in compensation for some 1.03 million Koreans forced into labor or military service during the Japanese occupation."


    Understandable why the Japanese are pissed.  They offered individual compensation...at a time when most of the victims were still alive.  The S. Korean government declined and said they would handle it.  They didn't.  Instead they took the $800M in grant and loans and developed their industries and infrastructure which was generally the smart thing to do.  Reneging on the deal?  Not so much.

    The politics is that Moon Jae-in wants to look tough vs the Japanese.   Which is fine unless Japan gets annoyed enough to retaliate in ways to make SK hurt.  Which is what they are doing because the dollar amounts are relatively small...now it's become the point of the thing.  

  • Chrome causing Final Cut Pro X to slow down, freeze, and crash

    gatorguy said:
    genovelle said:
    I was shown by the IT guy at a hospital I worked for how chrome had a server installed on windows machines that ran constantly in the background transmitting data to Google even when Chrome wasn’t running. It interfered with our servers and bogged everything down. so they prohibited it on the computers. It was also a HIPPA violation because the was unknown data being sent from a computer accessing patient data. Remove it and everything worked perfectly. 
    That IT guy needs to further his education

    "Administrators must review and accept a BAA before using Google services with PHI. Google offers a BAA covering Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive (including Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms), Google Hangouts (chat messaging feature only), Hangouts chat, Hangouts Meet, Google Keep, Google Cloud Search, Google Sites, Google Groups, Google Tasks, Google Voice (managed users only), Jamboard, Google Vault services, and Google Cloud Identity Management."

    See Chrome in that list?  No.