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  • Apple's 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard expected to shift to scissor mechanism

    slurpy said:

    There is nothing wrong with the butterfly design. I've had multiple butterfly KBs with zero issues, as have many other people I know. There isn't a shred of real evidence that they're less reliable. Do you have any? Anecdotally
    What? Are you saying the butterfly keyboard repair program is fake news
  • Apple to reportedly unveil iPad Pro, MacBook Air replacement, Mac mini at Oct. 30 event

    I'm very sensitive to Apple messing with the MacBook Air model as it seems to be the last remnant of practical computing.

    Is USB-C for power better? It's really not, it's consuming a valuable port and MagSafe could be argued was an excellent design. USB-C for power feels like a step backward in that regard.

    I was at an Apple event recently and watching the presenter carry his new MacBook Pro around with various dongles hanging off to be able to connect devices was quietly ridiculous.
  • Apple lobbies against 'right to repair' proposal in Nebraska

    plankton said:
    Apple should lose this fight and lose it hard.
    Right now I am sitting at a desk with:
    1. An MBA2012 that Apple said needed a new logic board—the logic board needed cleaning and connectors reseating, which I did.
    2. A MacPro 2008 that needed a new power supply—scavenged by me from a dead machine and now running Sierra with hacks from dosdude.
    3. A 2009 iMac that had a GPU board with solder cracks under the BGA—Apple wanted $550 to replace the GPU. Since that was more than twice the value of the iMac, I pulled the GPU board and had it reflowed for $60—still going strong after 2 years.
    4. An Phone 4s on its third battery and second screen that I replaced.
    5. An iPhone5 on its second battery that I replaced.
    6. A Time Capsule that had a dead 2 TB disk that I replaced with a 4 TB drive.

    All these older pieces of Apple kit have been kept out of landfill for a few extra years.  Apple brags about it solar power data centers, new HQ, etc., saving the environment, but the single biggest contribution Apple could make is to give OWNERS of their older devices access to Apple parts and manuals at reasonable prices.

    I agree with this sentiment. There's a popular YouTuber who showed a simple capacitor on a MacBook Pro logic board needing to be replaced with his soldering setup. It cost him something like 50 cents. Apple wanted several hundred dollars to replace the logic board.

    There is absolutely a market for businesses other than Apple to compete and do work that benefits people. Let's make sure they have the freedom to do so.